[Review][Single] EXID – “Whoz That Girl”

written by: McRoth

EXID — comprised of DamiHae RyungHaniJung HwaLE, and leader Yoo Ji — is this week’s newest addition to the over saturated K-pop scene of girl groups.

Created by Shinsadong Tiger, EXID is already basking in attention generated by the hype machine, and they recently launched their official debut with their lead single, “Whoz That Girl“.

“Whoz That Girl” is a posh electro-pop song with light disco flairs and sturdy melodies. The one aspect of the song that is drawing the most attention, however, is that it may or may not be a cover of Guy Sebastian‘s 2011 song “Who’s That Girl“. Their label has yet to promote it as such, but from the sound of it, there’s no doubt that it is.

Regardless, what I find the most appealing about EXID’s “Whoz That Girl” is the girls’ voices on the song, as the vocal leads are hands down the highlight of “Whoz That Girl”. Given that the song is neither too dark nor too sweet, it really allows EXID to lay out all their cards for display without being too indulgent.


EXID’s vocal roster is a decent one, but of all the members, I think Yoo Ji is the one member to watch out for. So far, she’s the glue that is holding EXID together, musically and vocally. Yoo Ji has the epic pipes, which she shamelessly utilizes to blast through the choruses of this single. She’s not necessarily mind-blowing as a pop singer, but as a part of EXID, she’s a definite standout.


“Whoz That Girl” is a solid debut single, but it’s verging on being extremely too dull for its own good. It wasn’t the smartest move to throw EXID into the K-pop pool with a store-bought song as a floating device, especially when there are hundreds of other girls fighting to be on top.

If anything has been proven so far, it’s that 2012 is the year female singers are proving their entire worth with their voices (SPICAAilee), and while I hear EXID’s potential as a vocal unit in “Whoz That Girl”, the song itself isn’t original enough to make them stand out just yet. I have faith in EXID though, because I actually like them.


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