[Review][Single] Big Bang – “Blue”

written by: McRoth

Introducing the greatest thing to have graced your ears in the last month: Big Bang‘s lead single, “Blue“!

I find it interesting that YG Entertainment is leading their comebacks with ballads. Having been known as the pseudo-hip hop headquarters of K-pop for God knows how long, YG is making very different moves these days, transitioning into more of an electro-pop mine field, a style that’s worked really well for them as a company and for the musicality of their artists.

Big Bang’s the best example of this musical growth, as they’ve literally shed their hip-hop skin for a more commercial identity. It’s not a bad thing by any means, it’s just an interesting phenomenon to see how they’ve evolved over the years. And now, they’re embarking on a whole new journey that I’m kind of excited to venture into myself.


“Blue” is by far Big Bang’s strongest slow song to date. It’s a very mellow single. “Blue” features a simple guitar riff, a simple chorus, and a simple delivery. It’s just simple and to the point, yet somehow Big Bang managed to execute it to perfection.

Every member has their moment to shine – from Seungri‘s velvety smooth whispers to Daesung‘s sultry voice. I’ve missed this raw realness from these guys and I think they’re finally back to working as one as opposed to working as five soloists. That’s the very hurdle they failed to climb over last year, and as much as the world hated me for saying it, it was true.

However, they’ve clearly done some hardcore soul searching because their voices are melting into each other like they used to, and that in itself is enough for me to die happy.


“Blue” is tame and somber, but at the same time it’s very powerful. It speaks to Big Bang’s trials and tribulations, both lyrically and musically. I’ll leave the rest of my review for the full album – just know that Big Bang is back, and better than ever.

“Blue” MV

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9 thoughts on “[Review][Single] Big Bang – “Blue”

  1. I thought members other than GD should have more parts in the song. I want to hear more Taeyang. TOP should stick to his solid rapping but I appreciate he’s trying to sing. I did enjoy SOMETHING about the song, which I do agree is powerful, but I think i was unable to spot it until I read this review.

    regarding yg’s/big bang’s direction towards electronic pop – I don’t think they’re necessarily doing it decidedly, but I think it’s the natural course of what’s now trendy/what people are feeling these days, including the artists. I personally have no complaints about that.

      • He has a solo track on the mini album just like they did for the 4th one and they’ve been trying to get him started on his solo career (which would have eventually happened last year if s*** didn’t hit the fan for them). It may seem like he gets shafted compared to the other members, but he’s the one who said that he didn’t want to begin his solo career yet. At least YG is putting him in other avenues that still have some musical involvement (What’s Up) while they slowly get him out there as a soloist like his hyungs and dongsaeng.

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