[Review][Single] Nuol – “Get Off My Back”

written by: drowningn00b

Nuol, as a rap artist, has always been below my radar. He has everything going for him, solid delivery style, good production behind his beats, and collaborations with artists I follow and like. However, he’s never grabbed my attention – his new single begged me to reconsider.

Nuol’s new single “내 뒤에 서 줘 (Get Off My Back)” features the fabulous Jo Hyuna from indie darling Urban Zakapa, is produced by Swings, and has superheroes all over it. The track itself has high electronic beats with gritty drum beats, which I’ve grown to like, and rising and falling when it should for effect, but it lacks the right elements where it matters.

The choir beginning implies a big song, but it fails when all Hyuna does is sing the chorus the same way throughout the song. The girl can sing a mean note, and that was a big part missing from the end of the song. Nuol’s rap delivery also lacks emotion, like he’s telling someone to please stop instead of confronting with attitude. The Swings production is good, almost great, but Nuol’s lack of conviction and the underuse of Hyuna as a vocalist bring “Get Off My Back” to the level of just okay. Superheroes, or at least those alluded to in this track, fly, but “Get Off My Back” manages just to float above the ground instead of soaring.

“Get Off My Back” MV


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