[Interview] Galaxy Express Talks Music, SXSW 2012 + US Tour Dates!

Galaxy Express

written and conducted by: McRoth & drowningn00b

Before their 2012 US Tour in the coming weeks, Korean Rock band Galaxy Express was kind enough to answer a few questions for McRoth’s Residence. Find out a little more about the band in our exclusive interview, where they talk music, SXSW 2012, future projects, and … Girls Generation’s legs?

1. For our readers who don’t know about Galaxy Express, please introduce yourselves!

Jonghyun: Hey! We’re Galaxy Express. How are you? We’re fine, thank you! We come from Seoul, Korea. We formed in 2006. I play guitar, Juhyun plays bass, and Heekwon plays drums. We like to play rock and psychedelic music that is loud, dirty, and passionate.

Juhyun: We love rock ‘n’ roll!

2. How would you describe your music, and who are your musical influences?

Juhyun: We play wild rock and punk music. We love bands like The Doors, The Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, Iggy Pop, Metallica, and Rancid. We’re big fans of Korean music too like Sanullim, Shin Joonghyun, and Crying nut.

Jonghyun: We also love Girls Generation’s legs!

3. Congratulations on winning the Korean Music Award for “Best Rock Album” in 2009 for “Noise on Fire” and your win for “Musician of the Year” at the 2011 Korean Music Awards! How does it feel to be recognized for your music?

Jonghyun: Winning “Best Rock Album” in 2009 was a weird felling. We don’t make popular music. We make loud rock music. When we were recording “Noise on Fire” all the levels on the soundboard were in the red. We kept telling the engineer to make the music more and more loud. He kept saying “Why do you want to do this?” Our goal was to make that CD have a louder volume than all other Korean CDs. Despite trying to do that we still won an award. We were thankful, but really surprised.

We were surprised when we won “Musician of the Year” last year too. We wrote, recorded, and released our “Wild Days” album in only 30 days. It was a bit funny to us that we won an award for something that was made so fast. But it made us happy to be recognized.

Juhyun: We’re really grateful for both awards. But awards are not so important. Making good music is the most important thing.

4. After gaining a lot of popularity in South Korea, how has the reception been outside of Korea?

Jonghyun: The reception has been good. People in all the countries we’ve visited have liked our music and seem to have a lot of fun at our gigs. I remember we played a psychedelic song in Taiwan and this old man stood up and started dancing wildly to the music. That was really cool to see. When we played in Toronto last year, the band after us played really hard. Their fans told us that the band usually doesn’t play like that, but were trying to match our energy.

Galaxy Express Live

5. This year, you will be touring the United States again, as well as participating in SXSW 2012 for a second time – what can we expect from Galaxy Express this time around? What shows do you plan to attend (as fans) while you’re here?

Juhyun: Last year we tried to play really loud and hard during SXSW and our other North America concerts. This time we want to add more of a traditional Korean psychedelic feeling to our sets. We want the songs to be deeper and have more texture. Our sets will still be energetic, but they will be a bit different from last year.

At SXSW I want to see Electric Eel Shock, Fiona Apple, and Kasabian. We haven’t had time to go through the full lineup of acts yet. There will be 2,000 bands at SXSW so I’m sure there will be more stuff we want to see. We’ll be playing seven times during SXSW, though, so I don’t know if we’ll have a lot of extra time to watch all the bands whose gigs we want to catch.

6. Since this is primarily a Korean pop music blog, what are your thoughts on KPOP and its popularity among international fans? Do you listen to any KPOP, and if so, to whom?

Jonghyun: We’re not really fans of current K-pop stuff, but we all love Girls Generation’s legs! We really like old Korean pop from the 1960s, ‘70s, and ‘80s.

7. What’s next for Galaxy Express after you wrap up your tour? Any plans for a new album?

Jonghyun: We’ll start work on our next album right after our USA concerts. We want to try and release it this year. We’ll be gigging throughout Korea too. We’re hoping to have the chance to play overseas again too.

Hilarious, these guys. Check out a sweet SXSW feature video below!



Final words from the band: Thanks so much to everyone for reading this! Here are our USA tour dates. Please come get wild and say “hi” after the shows. We love meeting new people:

March 9 Houston, TX — Super Happy Fun Land
March 10 San Angelo, TX — The Deadhorse
March 13 Austin, TX – (5:20 pm) Bernadette’s Bar (Indie Radio Rocks the World 2)
March 14 Austin, TX – (2 pm) Zen Japanese Restaurant (Slab x Slab Fest)
March 16 Austin, TX – (1:45 pm) Casa Chapala (Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie Does! Does! Does! Showcases)
March 16 Austin, TX – (4 pm) The Grackle (Grackle Rock!)
March 16 Austin, TX – (11 pm) Soho Lounge (Official SXSW Showcase)
March 17 Austin, TX – (2:30 pm) Tom’s Tabooley (Freddie Steady’s 12th Annual Frontier A Go Go Rock & Roll Hootenanny)
March 17 Austin, TX – (7 pm) Pearl Street Co-op
March 19 San Antonio, TX — The Korova (The Big Spill 2012 Festival)
March 21 Denton, TX – Ol’ Dirty Basement (J&J’s Pizza on the Square)
March 22 Lufkin, TX – The Factory
March 23 Hot Springs, AR – Low Key Arts (The Valley of the Vapors Independent Music Festival)
March 24 Dallas, TX – Double Wide
March 25 Austin, TX – Red 7


Remember to stay in touch with Galaxy Express –


And stay tuned for an exclusive Galaxy Express giveaway very soon!


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