[FULL MV] “Lies” (Japanese Version) by T-ARA

T-ARA recently scooted their tired asses to Japan to promote one of my few favorite T singles, “Lies“. It’s been quite a while since I listened to this song, but hearing it again brings back all my fond memories of 2009.

Here’s the Japanese version – this time, all remastered and stuff!

One word: lovely.

“Lies” Japanese Version

I only have one thing to say, and that is that T-ARA needs to chill the fuck out for a week or two. They look tired as hell in this PV. They’re barely mumbling through their lines, which looks incredibly creepy more than anything. Even Eunjung‘s fake “soul” moment at the beginning looked dead. Get some rest, girls! ;__;


2 thoughts on “[FULL MV] “Lies” (Japanese Version) by T-ARA

    • I know, I know … but look at them, it LOOKS like they’re zoning out half the time. @_@

      btw, I went to share something on your Facebook profile the other day and you motherfucking vanished :o

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