[Review][Single] B1A4 – “This Time Is Over”

You think B1A4 fans are fucking nuts? You haven’t the slightest idea. Prepare for a big Bana onslaught this week as their boy band of choice returns with their first full length album (title yet unknown) on March 14th.

To preface the big release, B1A4 is set to drop the lead single on March 5th. However, as I’ve caught wind of the leak, I will be reviewing it ahead of schedule.


B1A4′s forthcoming lead single is titled “This Time is Over“. Unlike their overly chipper debut track “Ok!” and the psycho follow up single, “Beautiful Target“, “This Time is Over” lays off the crack pipe for a good three minutes. The song is a mid-tempo R&B/Pop ditty wherein B1A4 test their hand at angst and emotion. It’s definitely one of their better musical efforts, as we get a cleaner listen to their voices, their vocal unity, and versatility as a boy band.

To my surprise, B1A4 showcase a very interesting vocal range on this song. The majority of the members have a sweet lower register that is decently emphasized in the pre-chorus and rap sections of “This Time is Over”. I was totally not expecting the deep tonalities in B1A4, especially coming off of the cracked out high of “Beautiful Target”, but it was certainly pleasant to listen to them give us a different side to their style.


Overall, “This Time is Over” isn’t remarkable or mind-blowing. In fact, it’s quite average for K-pop standards, but it is pretty, simple, and audibly pleasing, which I’m sure was what B1A4 were aiming for in this “maturing” phase of their musical career as a boy band.

“This Time is Over”

via Asian Junkie


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