[Teaser] Tracking NU’EST

Latest NU’EST Teaser

Pledis (After School) is finally shooting the shit this year and debuting their first boy band, NU’EST, which is set to go head to head with SM Entertainment’s EXO-K later this month in a smack down of epic proportions (or here’s hoping). By the looks of things, NU’EST is likely to debut ahead of EXO, who’s still teasing the everliving fuck out of God knows what, and might even give them a run for their money, as it seems that they’re going for that martial arts, dubstep angle that was a wee bit hinted in the EXO teasers.

Group Teaser

Not a whole lot is known about NU’EST other than the member’s names: Aron, Baekho, JR, Minhyun, and Ren, and that they’re fabulous and glamorous and perfect. No, really, it’s in the description of their videos.

Anyway, considering the success Pledis has had with After School, I’m looking forward to seeing what NU’EST has to offer, musically and conceptually, that we haven’t seen already. It’ll be interesting to see how they pan out as a rookie boy band, especially following the extraordinary debut of B.A.P, who by my standards has already scored high marks across the board.

I’ll update this post as new teasers are released.




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