[Teaser] SHINee Drops Comeback Teaser Photos for “Sherlock” Mini-Album

Exploitation at its most disturbing.

Also, SM reveals porno title to be “A HORNee Night In Paris” (ノಠ益ಠ)


35 thoughts on “[Teaser] SHINee Drops Comeback Teaser Photos for “Sherlock” Mini-Album

  1. That’s probably the comeback that I’m waiting the most…21 of March, gonna make a mark on the calendar.

  2. If he had on a shirt then I think I would have liked this concept, but I don’t mind the typography, hazy shot, or the couch…

  3. Taemin is still underage so technically he’s always been pedo bait, but the fact that SM is capitalizing on this makes me uncomfortable. Also, isn’t Minho supposed to have abs? I’m with naRae on this one. Covering my eyes until I hear the music. Unless Jonghyun comes out looking unf, but that’s beginning to look like a slim possibility…

    • It makes me really uncomfortable actually. This is basically SM glamorizing Teamin’s exploitation, selling sex … underage sex. *shudder*

      • I’m SO relieved Onew’s came out that way. But, truthfully, I’m very scared for Key… They better not fuck up with Jonghyun

  4. Taemin is my favorite but he looks like a freaking drag queen… Is the concept inspired by Tarzan?? Guys with long hair shouldn’t expose their upper bodies they ll look like tarzans/gays..and he is too scrawny to be topless.. I wouldn’t be so turned off if he had a manly haircut and stylish clothings.. And why is he in boxers and leggings? Koreans are so experimental with their idols..

      • it’s frustrating as hell. if they do some annoying hipster native appropriation deal, i’m going to cry. hhaha

        i’m actually wishing they went back to being doods posing on fancy furniture concept. i mean, it was simple but hey, i like fancy furniture :-/

  5. sooooooo hippie concept??? what does that have to do with the unnecessary exposure….
    i really like Taemin in shinee since Lucifer…but now i cant even look at his picture…
    its such a Turn-off…
    also they have gone OVERBOARD with his hair…i like the length of his hair in lucifer (i think its sexy xD)..but this is too much…now here, he really do look like a girl.

    *covers eyes*

    and LOL
    isnt jonghyun the muscular one in shinee? why doesn’t he have a topless pic like taemin…switch please…i dont mean anything pervy but i think jonghyun has the body to flaunt..

    jonghyun has the body to flaunt but he’s covered up while underage taemin there topless…ridiculous

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