[Review][Album] Nine Muses – “Sweet Rendezvous”

written by: McRoth

The statuesque ladies of Nine Muses are back and ready to make more pretty pennies with their latest mini-album, “Sweet Rendezvous“.

As I’ve commented before, coming up with anything remotely interesting to say about Nine Muses has proven to be difficult on the account that they’re not remotely interesting to begin with. However, my shade for Nine Muses might have finally reached its peak today because something actually noteworthy may be happening in their music that may have me leaping for joy.


I’ve very boldly labeled Nine Muses as dull and unremarkable (I’ll get into this in a sec), and while I still stand by my statements, Nine Muses seem to be coming into their own in a way that is only now making itself clear to me and may have me re-evaluating my perception of them altogether.


Since their debut, Nine Muses have been pushed as a mature and sophisticated girl group. They are trying their darnedest to encompass a “grown” sound in their music, and for the most part, Nine Muses have succeeded in glamorizing their adulthood for the younger audience while still coming across as classy women. Yet, it wasn’t until their effort under “Sweet Rendezvous” that this sophisticated style of theirs became emphasized clearly and tastefully.

Simply put, “Sweet Rendezvous” is seamless. Oftentimes K-pop girl groups blaze through concepts and personae with every release without apology, but in Nine Muses’ case, they have identified with a certain mold and have stuck to it. Perhaps it’s not the most original mold, but Nine Muses are committed to it, and that strong commitment is vital to why I think this album is so strong.

What “Sweet Rendezvous” has done is not only given the ho-hum moments (“Figaro“) a support system via the rest of the album, but also unified and emphasized the really great aspects of the rest of the songs. The result is a woven experience that feels organic from beginning to end, something that’s incredibly difficult to achieve, even for veterans in the industry. Yet Nine Muses managed to pull it off with ease, and a lot of the credit goes to Sweetune for delivering a cohesive style to them.


Ticket“, Nine Muses’ latest single, is by far their strongest, most invigorated release. It has the same retro vibes as its predecessors with a more contemporary approach that is blended beautifully. But what’s particularly special about this single is that it’s the first time where Nine Muses have come across as personable to me. Nine Muses’ past singles have walked the fine line of being too safe and too unchallenged as musical endeavors, causing them to read as dead and spiritless dolls, vocally and aesthetically. But “Ticket” finally captures all the correct elements – the striking beat, the graceful melodies, and climatic structure – and allows Nine Muses’ vocals to shine and their charisma to surface. It’s the strongest song on “Sweet Rendezvous” and the one piece of the puzzle that ties everything together with a golden bow.


I almost cannot believe how much I genuinely like this. It’s been a long time coming, especially since I’ve always seen the potential in this group. I guess it just took a collective delivery like this mini-album for me to start warming up to the muses.

Now what Nine Muses really need to work on is pushing their creativity as a musical entity and seeing how far their talent can take them, because that has always been my one gripe with their presentation as a girl group. They can’t rely entirely on the beauty of their music. Nine Muses have to allow themselves to take risks, and let themselves shine through with conviction, because that’ll strengthen their delivery and give them a presence in K-pop. They’re not quite there yet, but they’ll figure it out.

via Asian Junkie


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