[Review][Album] 2AM – “F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Way of Love”

written by: McRoth

This week, ballad idol boy band 2AM graced mortals with their newest mini-album, titled “F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Way Of Love“. The mini marks 2AM’s first group activity since their full-length album (“Saint O’ Clock“) in 2010 and is their second ever mini-album. Unlike “죽어도 못 보내“, which was very trend-oriented, filled with auto-tune and semi-club inspired tracks, “F. Scott” finds 2AM tapping back into their classic roots as ballad singers.


“F. Scott” is in many ways not nearly as mainstream K-pop as you’d expect. 2AM have embraced the rich and soulful side of today’s Korean music and it results in an extremely delightful pairing with their voices. 2AM are very sensual and romantic singers, and this classic approach has definitely captured those aspects, as well as emphasized their talent in some of the most beautiful ways possible.

The tracks on “F. Scott” are filled with swooping strings, simple beats, and lovely melodies. It’s not trying to fit into any current niche, but rather creating one of its own. There’s a relaxed feel to “F. Scott” that makes it very easy to listen to. It’s effortless, and when 2AM just let go, I think that’s when they’re at their utmost best as a ballad quartet.

One major thing that I noticed about this album that has changed from 2AM’s past projects are the lively compositions. Their structures are a lot less predictable, and in turn it brings out a new and compelling side in their music. I don’t hear cheesy key changes or redundant piano chords. Instead, 2AM paint fresh landscapes that they haven’t seen themselves in, and invigorate their music with varying instrumentals and orchestrations.


“F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Way Of Love” is a soothing mini-album with a new level of quality for 2AM standards. They’ve never sounded this confident and this invested in their music, and the best thing is that it feels absolutely natural. I enjoyed 2AM dabbling in upbeat styles and all that crap, but this – this right here is what it’s about for 2AM.



via Asian Junkie


3 thoughts on “[Review][Album] 2AM – “F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Way of Love”

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  2. You know, I was actually avoiding this album because I was worried it was going to be redundant. Glad to know that it isn’t. Yay for growth! I hated seeing these guys stuck in the same sound for forever.

  3. they’re so underrated :/ people shouldn’t rate 2am as k-pop idols, but k-ballad idols, and they’re definitely successful in that genre. i hope bang shihyuk would also bring out harmonizing more in future 2am albums though.

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