[Review][Single] Lee Jung – “Private”

written by: drowningn00b

Spring is here, or for those who live below the 40th parallel, you’ve already had spring (envious vibes sent your way). The weather’s warmer, people are shedding their winter layers, and the blood’s thawing. Time to put that new energy to use with some sexy time!

Lee Jung – or J. Lee – in collaboration with D-Business Entertainment, released the mood-starter R&B scorcher “Private”. The rhythmic bass is here for every bump and grind, the required sighs every once in a while and the electric guitar are all in full effect, falling just above cheesy. The melody mimics the rhythm of sex, like other baby-making tracks. And J. Lee, God bless him, goes through the entire song with conviction. J. Lee can sound like a screeching cat on some songs, and “Private” doesn’t escape that fate, but it does benefit from his wide range. Sex-god Robin Thicke’s approach to sexy music includes whispering and a low register that make for a long and languish time, and J. Lee will have none of that. He begins predictably enough, low and calm, and when things reach there logical conclusion, J. Lee lets you know how he enjoyed it.

“Private” has cheese written all over it. Its predictable pace, over-the-top musical accents, and Lee Jung’s animalistic delivery leave nothing to the imagination of what he’s not giving a damn about. But the track is classic R&B in its execution, and for that reason, I can’t stop listening to this song. If he wants to, J. Lee can become the Korean Ginuwine if “Private” becomes the start of his baby-making career.




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