[Review][Album] B1A4 – “Ignition”

written by: McRoth

B1A4 are back this week with their first full-length endeavor, “Ignition“, and if you were wishing for B1A4 to shed the cutesy image of their first EPs, then hide yo kids, hide yo wife, cuz “Ignition” be granting wishes up in here.


Like every idol group in the history of idols, B1A4 have gone through a metamorphosis and have grown the hell up into angsty boys over night. Now I could very easily start ranting, a la Dal Shabet going dark for going dark’s sake and how that doesn’t always fly properly, but I’ll save you the time and say that it’s basically what’s happening here.

From the lead single down to the very last track, “Ignition” is B1A4′s ticket to ditching most of the colorful schemes of “OK!” and “Beautiful Target“. Personally, I don’t have that big of an issue with the whole abrupt transition in concept thing if it’s done correctly and if those transitions make sense within a bigger picture.

So did it make sense?


B1A4 did an okay job of it in this album, so let’s get into what they did right and where they need improvement.

For starters, all this mature stuff you hear (Exhibit A: “Baby I’m Sorry“) is kind of the standard mature stuff for all boy bands, so none of it really comes across as new or groundbreaking. Most of this album is filled with sounds and styles that I’ve heard countless times before, and you likely have too. It’s so standard boy band that I kept forgetting who the hell I was reviewing. Oops.

Something worth mentioning though is that while B1A4 have obviously toned down the flamboyancy, they’ve only actually toned it down and not removed it entirely. That’s what B1A4 have done well in “Ignition”. They’ve kept very light traces of that fun, youthful charm they expressed in their debut work within some of these songs. “웃어봐” is one of the more serious moments on “Ignition”, yet it carries an air of adolescence to it that works fairly well with B1A4′s image. You can argue the same about most of the songs on this album, and the fact that the connection between it and B1A4′s past EPs is unabridged is worth something.


Where “Ignition” loses me is in the musical direction. It’s definitely a foggy one. This album is kind of all over the place, which leads me to believe that B1A4 haven’t quite come to grips with who they are or who they want to be. They seem really green to me, so you can’t hold it against them that they’re still experimenting with styles and genres, but they had a particular charm going for them, one that I hope we don’t lose later down the road, because I like these dudes for being the loony hyper kids who are sort of talented.

If anything, I recommend B1A4 test out a rock/pop style, because that would sound grown up enough, yet be a good zone for them to remain playful and crazy and shit.



via Asian Junkie


4 thoughts on “[Review][Album] B1A4 – “Ignition”

  1. b1a4.. i really like their voices..i guess for me thats their charm… the first time i listened to the the album, what made me like it is their vocals.. it suits well with the songs…they really sound great… the album kinda gives me a relaxed feeling…

    i agree. i hope they take your suggestion…i think they need an “impact” song to level up…

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