[Teaser] SM Releases Medley of SHINee’s “Sherlock” Mini-Album

What is this air I’m breathing?



SM Entertainment is following standard protocol for SHINee‘s 2012 comeback. In every SHINee year, SME does the following in chronological order: drops individual pictures, drops group pictures, drops medley, drops MV teaser, drops MV/album, and then comeback stage. This one is no different.

At this juncture, we’re right at the medley mark as well as right when Shawols are the most ape shit excited about life. I remember how epic the response was for SHINee’s comeback in 2010, and now that there are a lot more cray-cray fans into Kpop than ever before, I’m pretty sure the response will be just as big.

We’ll regroup soon for SM’s next teaser session, which I’m sure will come in the form of an MV.


2 thoughts on “[Teaser] SM Releases Medley of SHINee’s “Sherlock” Mini-Album

  1. Some of it sounds good so far, especially the intro, but then again, there’s not much to go by. I got faith, though!

  2. *recovers slightly from shock at the concept photos to perk up ears*

    Ooh they did a Korean version of Stranger. SHINee was the group which got me into K-pop, so yes I have to admit I’m pretty close to excited. I am also alternating between anticipation and dread for the ‘hybrid remix’ mainly because I have no idea what it’s about…

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