Last Week’s Top Ten [03.19.2012]

It’s Monday you guys, and you know what that means:

Time for Last Week’s Top Ten!

It’s very simple: I will compile a list of ten songs that I most played in the last 7 days. The list is in no particular order, and you are welcome to drop your own list in the comment section (do it!) and share your thoughts on the ish I listen to below.

Let’s do this …

  1. “History” by EXO (LINK)
  2. “Ticket” by Nine Muses (LINK)
  3. “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe” by U-KISS (LINK)
  4. “We Are Young” by Fun (LINK)
  5. “My Song” by JC 지은 (LINK)
  6. “Bye Bye” by T-ara (LINK)
  7. “Bad Boy” by BIG BANG (LINK)
  8. “DoYaThing” by Gorillaz featuring Andre 3000 and James Murphy (LINK)
  9. “Falling” by John Park (LINK)
  10. “I Don’t Care” by 2NE1 (LINK)

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now watch drag queen Yara Sofia shake dat ass like a boss –


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