[Review][Single] JC 지은 – “My Song”

written by:McRoth

Here’s a long lost gem for you guys.

Does anyone remember Kim Ji Eun? You know, that phenomenal singer that was once under YG Entertainment, who released her first album back in 2007, and then fell off the face of the earth? If so, then you’ll absolutely love what I have here for you today.


Kim Ji Eun (a.k.a JC) was under YG Entertainment for several years and debuted with her first album, “Rain“, in 2007. Kim Ji Eun was known primarily for her vocal talent. Not as an idol, not even for her looks, but for her raw gift as a singer. Not only was her music great, but it was also powerful. She was basically destined for a big and epic future in Korea.

So what the hell happened? Well, I don’t really know.

Ji Eun eventually left YG Entertainment after her contract expired, joined Lion Media, formed a short-lived girl group, Lady Collection, and now resides with the Korean label a.Round as a soloist.

Kim Ji Eun even auditioned for The Voice Korea this year and failed to advance beyond the blind auditions. It’s like K-pop is completely done with her, and that’s just fucking depressing.


But there’s still hope. Seeing as Kim Ji Eun is incredibly resilient as an artist gives me reassurance that not all has gone to shit for her just yet.

Last week, Ji Eun released the sultry R&B ballad, “My Song“.

What I find particularly lovely about this song is that it’s not exactly showy, but Ji Eun delivers it in a way that makes me want to change my mind. “My Song” is not a big song on paper, but Kim Ji Eun busts out her diva pipes and turns it into one, and I think it says a lot when an artist is able to take a relatively passable song and turn it into something worth listening to.



The song is heart-wrenching and kind of a throw back to Kim Ji Eun’s old music, especially in the chorus. It has a familiar 90s to mid-2000s vibe to it that makes me want to listen to old-school BoA.

“My Song” is pieced together in very traditional ways, with a grand pre-chorus/chorus transition, and an epic middle eight. Kim Ji Eun spills her heart into this song, and you can really hear her emotional investment during the big progressions that simply clench you by the wrists and never let you go.

Kim Ji Eun’s particular way of singing isn’t exactly fit to today’s tastes, but Kim Ji Eun’s persistence in remaining true to herself as a performer make me like her that much more. There’s a timeless, occasional shakiness in her voice that is not only unique, but also nostalgic. It’s these little details in the earlier herd of K-pop singers that I don’t want to see fade, and Kim Ji Eun has done a mighty fine job of doing Kim Ji Eun, and doing it well.

via Asian Junkie


8 thoughts on “[Review][Single] JC 지은 – “My Song”

  1. ohhh maaaaaan, I MISS THIS JIEUN.

    it isn’t reminiscent of 90s kpop as much as it is her going back to the type of music she released on her debut album, which….I happen to (proudly) have.

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  3. She has such a wonderful voice! I haven’t listened to this new song yet (I’ve been waiting till I’m at home so I can play it as loud as I want to) but I’ve listened to her debut album countless times. Ji Eun is so talented and it’s a crying shame she isn’t better known.

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