[Review][Single] CN Blue – “Still in Love”

written by: drowningn00b

Super-busy rock pretty boys CN Blue are back with their new EP “Ear Fun”, and doing promos left and right. There are member-specific teaser for the lead single “Hey You”, a packed-house concert with label-mates FT Island in Los Angles, and their current single, “Still in Love”.

Written by lead singer Jung Yong Hwa, “Still in Love” feels like the second part to his duet with “wife” Seohyun of Girls’ Generation fame from “We Got Married”, if they divorced. “Banmal Song” is a laid back love song with an acoustic guitar backbone and flourishes of other instruments to make you feel good and in love. Swap in an electric guitar, substitute hope for despair, and you have “Still in Love”.

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CN Blue takes their trademark laid back style and throw in moments of tension in the chorus and more emotive singing from Yong Hwa and the guys for the drama of a break up. “Still in Love” falls short of being a tear-jerker, but I expected that from a SoCal-type, pop-rock band.

I wasn’t a fan of this song at first. I don’t like my rock songs too relaxed (sorry, Jack Johnson), but “Still in Love” has grown on me. I believe Yong Hwa’s delivery and lyrics and the instrumentation is still CN Blue while at the same time sounding fresh.

Let’s see if the rest of “Ear Fun” can deliver on this premise, though after listening to the teasers, I doubt it.


“I hope that isn’t the guitar solo.”


4 thoughts on “[Review][Single] CN Blue – “Still in Love”

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  2. i’ve only heard the two songs, Still in love and Hey you, but I prefer the former over the title song. the title song just doesn’t have the catchiness that their previous songs had, and frankly, I’m getting tired of their style in regards to their title song choices. It’s time they evolved and started showcasing their talents. Hopefully with their next album, FNC prez will allow them to use more of their own songs as title songs, like a real band…

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