[Viral Vids] BEAST’s Dongwoon Performs Cover of Ken Hirai’s “Hitomi wo Tojite” At Beautiful Show Japan

I know that BEAST‘s Dongwoon is my ultimate bias, but even I can acknowledge that he is as good at singing as I am at speaking French – an utter embarrassment. The pain I feel from listening to Dongwoon singing is the equivalence to listening to ten babies wailing simultaneously. It’s unlawful, it’s cringe-worthy, and sometimes I have no clue what he’s doing with a mic in his hand.

Granted, there are way worse vocalists in existence, but Dongwoon was just not born to sing. He doesn’t have the talent for it, it’s as simple as that, and the only reason he’s making noise is because he was tossed in to BEAST as the token pretty boy. Of course, he couldn’t just stand there looking cute in a boy band, so it was only common sense to attempt to teach the kid the basics of singing. In Dongwoon’s case, it was teaching him the basics of making proper sounds come out of his mouth that didn’t sound like complete shit.

It’s been several years since BEAST’s debut and Dongwoon’s singing is still only below average. So, when I heard that he had performed a solo cover at BEAST’s recent Beautiful Show in Japan, I was wary to listen to it because nobody wants to be reminded about how non-perfect their biase are, right?

Well, when I first listened to the first video below, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Dongwoon didn’t sound as godawful as I had expected:


Of course, I knew it was simply too good to be true – and I was right! I knew the audio quality was too low to distinguish the intonation of Dongwoon’s voice, and now that another, albeit shorter video has surfaced, you can clearly see everything that he’s doing wrong.

1.) He’s using way too much throat, and not enough diaphragm
2.) Because he’s such a throat-singer, his range is incredibly limited
3.) He falls way flat on nearly every note
4.) He’s falling way flat because he isn’t committed to intonation (listen to the cracks between notes)
5.) He’s mistaking “power” for “intensity”

These are just some of the obvious things. I could probably go on forever on all the shit he’s doing wrong, but the point is that Dongwoon doesn’t have the gift of a singer. You can teach him to sing, but you can’t teach him the talent that sets the mediocre singers apart from the raw, and gifted ones.

It’s something you’re born with, and sadly, my baby was shafted from the vocally competent department *sobs*

“Hitomi wo Tojite” by Dongwoon


2 thoughts on “[Viral Vids] BEAST’s Dongwoon Performs Cover of Ken Hirai’s “Hitomi wo Tojite” At Beautiful Show Japan

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