[Viral Vids] Shinhwa Performs “Venus” At Grand Tour In Seoul, Old Folk Can Barely Move

These grown men right here will be putting twink boy bands to shame this week – or at last attempting to. Legendary boy band Shinhwa is due for their live comeback this week, and before embarking on weekly promos, the group held a two day concert to celebrate the release of their 2012 album, “The Return“.

As expected, Shinhwa performed their comeback single “Venus“, and as also expected, their hot meaty bodies aren’t as docile as they once were.


2012 Shinhwa Grand Tour in Seoul: ‘The Return‘ | “Venus”

I’m sure the tame choreography will look a lot better with video editing, but I can’t help and compare it to the extremely complicated shit boy bands have to perform these days. All this hovering on stage with a crap load of backup dancers is child’s play in this day in age of steroid-driven Kpop.

We’ll have to see how they turn it out. Just please no more dislocated knees, Shinhwa. for Christ’s sake, you are not that old.


3 thoughts on “[Viral Vids] Shinhwa Performs “Venus” At Grand Tour In Seoul, Old Folk Can Barely Move

  1. Yeah, their choreo is def not up to par with the level of dance talent these days. Maybe they just need more time to practice recent dance trends. After all, it hasn’t been long since Minwoo was discharged from the army. And to be fair, Shin hye sung already had problems with his knees. It’s one of the reasons why he was exempted from army service, from what I recall…
    My gosh, I sound like a shinhwa fan protecting my idols… -_-;;

    Anyway, I preferred their ballad, it hurts, over this song.

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