[BEDA] Day 1: Boy Band Member Most Likely To Win a Drag Queen Competition

And so it begins. Today is April 1st, April Fools, and the first day of the “Blog Every Day In April” Challenge! *gets up and body waves*

It’s actually been April 1st for several hours for many of you, so go ahead and share your BEDAs with me on tumblr, twitter, facebook, and, of course, here in the comment section below so we can giggle til we pee ourselves.

Today, We kick things off with the delightful award for “boy band member most likely to win a drag queen competition“. Considering that Kpop is rife with androgynous boys and boys that dress up as girls on a regular basis, this wasn’t exactly the most challenging of choices. The challenge came in deciding on one (one!) idol. After much deliberation with my panel of judges, I’ve decided that Korea’s next drag superstar is:

2AM’s Jo Kwon

Condragulations, my dear! When it comes to serving face, body, and stage performance that is on par with the fiercest of the fiercest queens in the world, Jo Kwon has no competition. He’s Korean drag realness, baby.

What were your choices for most likely to win a drag queen competition? Leave all your answers below and see you tomorrow for another Kpop BEDA superlative post!


runner-up: 2AM’s Jinwoon


15 thoughts on “[BEDA] Day 1: Boy Band Member Most Likely To Win a Drag Queen Competition

  1. Well that Jo Kwon picture states the winner in my book. Jo Kwon could definitely place well in a drag queen contest, while starting a kkab trend around the drag queen universe ^^

  2. I’d say Key, especially after he confessed that he always wears eyeliner and carries BB cream wherever he goes…
    As for runner up…either JoKwon or Kevin *nods

  3. My choice would be Heechul!! I think its difficult to count the number of times he’s dressed up as a girl in shows…lol. Plus, he has that total in-your-face attitude thing that’s hard to ignore. I think he and Jo Kwon could tie, although maybe Jo Kwon’s slightly disturbing kkab would edge him a win :D

  4. Jo Kwon would make it too much of a joke. He’s good on variety because his persona is just so ridiculous; he doesn’t make the conservative audience uncomfortable because they know he’s just trying to be funny. He purposely makes it unbelievable.
    Taemin and Kevin are both gorgeous but have absolutely no conviction. They make very pretty girls but would be unconvincing as queens. Taemin would literally hate it, though, which would make it worth putting him in a competition for amusement.
    As for Heechul, I think his situation is a toned down version of Jo Kwon’s. Plus, he’s getting older now; the military probably takes most of the princess out of you. After years with Super Junior, it’d be no surprise if he’s completely worn out.
    Key’s a formidable choice in terms of personality, but he actually isn’t into acting that feminine. I really can’t imagine him cross dressing; he fits his own image too well. I feel like he could win if you just let him enter without actually dressing up, but that would defeat the purpose anyway. He’s genuine, but he’s too straightforward.

    Honestly, the clear winner would be Infinite’s Sungjong. The boy’s practically admitted that he wants to be a girl, he’s been cross dressing since before debut, and he has the right amount of both pretty and fierce. I think the most important thing is that he’s not ashamed; he actually wants his image and isn’t just using it for variety or attention (not that I think it’s necessarily wrong to create an image for variety, but it’s good to know someone is genuine).
    Another name I would throw out there is NU’EST Ren. It’s a bit early to tell where he will take his image, but from what I’ve seen so far, he seems really committed to the fierce princess thing he’s got going on right now.

    sorry this is long i think about this a lot because i am actually insane

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