Month In KPOP – March

Welcome to another “Month In Kpop“!

Below you will find a full list of reviews that we wrote in the month of March*, including a spotlight section for our five stared reviews.

You would think that with all the comebacks and debuts this month that we would have written a lot more than we did, but this month’s list is actually relatively short. Regardless, if you missed a review or you are in the middle of catching up, this post will make your navigation process a little easier and, hopefully, introduce you to music that you might’ve missed along the way.

Furthermore, if there were any releases that we did not get to review, make sure to share all your suggestions via the “suggest a review” link on the left hand side menu. And remember – follow me on twitter @rothsresidence and like McRoth’s Residence on Facebook for continuous blog updates.

Enjoy, and thanks a lot for reading!

*it’s worth noting that not all the songs and albums that we reviewed were necessarily released in the month of March. The dates listed are the dates of publishing.


[Album] Glen Check – “Haute Couture”

Glen Check’s “Haute Couture” is party bliss, through and through. Fantastic tracks, great energy, and excellent track placement. The production is a step above their “Disco Elevator” release from last year, and Glen Check do synth-pop very well. Glen Check took what they learned from that release, as well as their time on the road promoting it, to create a damn great party record.” (March 12)


Reviews In The Month of March
(March 5)(3/5 Stars)[Single] B1A4 – “This Time Is Over”
(March 5)(4/5 Stars)[Single] Ailee – “Heaven”
(March 7)(4/5 Stars)[Single] 4rest – “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”
(March 7)(4/5 Stars)[Single] Standing Egg feat. Christina Love Lee – “We Are Not Lovers”
(March 8)(4/5 Stars)[Album] Nine Muses – “Sweet Rendezvous”
(March 9)(3/5 Stars)[Album] Annyeong Bada – “Pink Revolution”
(March 12)(4/5 Stars)[Single] EXO – “History”
(March 13)(4/5 Stars)[Album] 2AM – “F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Way of Love”
(March 14)(4/5 Stars)[Album] Monday Kiz – “Nostalgia Remake Album”
(March 14)(3/5 Stars)[Single] Lee Jung – “Private”
(March 15)(3/5 Stars)[Album] B1A4 – “Ignition”
(March 15)(3/5 Stars)[Album] NU’EST – “Face”
(March 19)(2/5 Stars)[Single] U-KISS’s Soohyun – “Snowman”
(March 19)(4/5 Stars)[Album] SHINee – “Sherlock (4th Mini Album)”
(March 21)(4/5 Stars)[Single] JC 지은 – “My Song”
(March 23)(4/5 Stars)[Single] CN Blue – “Still in Love”


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