[BEDA] Day 5: Worst Live Singer Male Category

As if I wasn’t vocal about this already, today’s BEDA focuses on my favorite subject of all time: worst live singers. After realizing that 80% of Kpop is a vocal nightmare, I found deciding on the worst live singer semi-difficult. I mean, where do I even begin!

For the male category, I went ahead and took the easy road and named BEAST‘s Son Dongwoon the worst live singer. Yeah, yeah – he’s my ultimate bias and everything (something I’m not proud of and should look into reevaluating), but he’s an utter disgrace as a singer.

Exhibit A: first singer. Um …

Exhibit B: no, hun.

Exhibit C: not the worst clip ever, but it’s the most recent. His improvement is debatable at this point.

Dongwoon is … losing his pull on me *gasps*

runner-up: 2PM‘s Chansung

Exhibit A: all of his parts in this terrible song

Exhibit B: …

Honorable mention: Big Bang‘s G-Dragon

mmm, sinuses


7 thoughts on “[BEDA] Day 5: Worst Live Singer Male Category

  1. Considering that most male idols cannot sing I can forgive that pretty much all of Beast sound terrible. What makes it worse is that DW sings with the conviction of a talented singer. But god he was so gorgeous in that second clip that I don’t give a shit. Beast is fortunate to have 3 mega hotties in their group so we all easily forgive the lack of vocal talent and just stare at all the pretty.

    Why does Chansung even sing? I cringe every time he sings. He’s a poor rapper as well. Poor guy just can’t get a break. He is nice to look at though.

    Jiyong needs to stick to his lapping, I mean rapping. Nasal much?

    • That’s what really sucks about hating on Dongwoon’s singing – he performs really well. He LOOKS good on stage, and his conviction is one of the most believable in BEAST. The only flaw is, well, the shit that comes out when he actually sings. He’s clearly trying to sound good, but he just never quite gets there.

      Chansung needs to fall off the face of the earth. He’s untalented, IMO.

      • I’m sorry you had to do that to Dongwoon, but it had to be done lol. Chansung is my boy (seriously hot), but, ya he can’t really sing… Wow, that was kind of painful.

  2. I’ve never really checked BEAST out so these videos were new to me. I had to laugh about how Dongwoon looks so Jonghyun-ly into it like he’s the best singer ever. Poor thing.

  3. but…but…but…he’s trying really, really, really hard!!! and he’s really, really, really, really improved!!!


    (odiadores gonna odiar.)

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