[BEDA] Day 6: Worst Live Singer Female Category

This is probably the most painful BEDA answer section to filter through because who in their right mind wants to scavenge for clips of bad singing? And not just any clips of bad singing, but clips of bad singing IN KPOP!

Lord, have mercy on my reader’s souls.

Today’s BEDA has us awarding the “worst live singer” in the female category, and where else to turn than to one of the most cringe-worthy girl groups ever created: T-ara. They made this really easy for me, because not only does T-ara have one bad singer, but a complete host of them!

Material-wise, T-ara are hit or crash-and-burn for me. Vocally, they’re like the losing choir in a middle school’s talent show.

No. Bueno.

So who did I choose as the worst live singer? Drum roll please!

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr … T-ara‘s Hwayoung!

Runner-up: T-ara‘s Qri

Honorable Mention: T-ara‘s Boram

Basically, T-ara sucks hairy assholes at singing.


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