[BEDA] Day 8: Best Weave On a Man

I whip ma hair back n forth, I whip ma hair back n forth, I whip ma hair back n forth, I whip ma hair back n forth.

Happy Easter to those that celebrate it!

We all know that Korean idols go threw serious phases in concept changes and aesthetic transformations with every promo period in their schedules. Oftentimes, idols – especially male idols – are shoved into the Korean equivalence of RuPaul’s Dragulator and forced to wear some of the most outlandish things imaginable.

Today’s BEDA focuses on the hair, particular on the men. Personally, I don’t have that big of an issue with guys wearing hair extensions, because a lot of the times it’s just a little accent piece here and there.

However, there are times when Kpop stylists take it to the extreme and change an idol’s look completely. Such was the case with the person I chose as winner of “best weave on a man“: SHINee‘s Taemin. Either SM stylists have reason to punish him for, or they actually like how he looks with long hair.

This might sound a little odd, but I actually like long-haired Taemin. i like how androgynous it makes him look. Sure, it appears a little weird when he wears it down, but I think he looks absolutely divine when he’s wearing it in a pony tail, as seen in the Sherlock performance below.


2 thoughts on “[BEDA] Day 8: Best Weave On a Man

  1. OMG Jonghuyng’s growl at 2:09-2:10 and 3:07-3:09 O_O but yes, Taemin looks good, really good with a ponytail. <3

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