[Review][Single] Heenain – “I’m OK”

written by: McRoth

From Heenain‘s trepidatious winter single “Aniya” to something a little less moody, we have “I’m OK“.


Last year, Heenain proved that she was capable of switching up her style for the sake of versatility, and her recent single is no different. “I’m OK” is a call back to the emotions she showcased in “1, 2, 3“, except this time Heenain substitutes the R&B style for something a lot more indie.

“I’m OK” is reminiscent of Feist‘s brighter music, with shades of Regina Spektor. It’s a very uplifting single, with subtle congas and piano lines carrying the groove, and a set of wind instruments chiming in right at the chorus to bring all the light-hearted elements together.

Heenain keeps things subtle here. Her statement with “I’m OK” isn’t as impacting as her work in “Aniya”, but she still manages to capture an essence of ease and tranquility that she’s shown through all of her music. Fans of bright, girly indie jams will definitely enjoy this one.



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