[FULL MV] “Stay” by FT Island

FT Island‘s new Japanese album “20 [Twenty]” is set to drop on May 16, and below is the full PV to their newest single, “Stay.”

To those that love this song, you’ll be excited to hear that it’s already been chosen as the theme songs to musicRTV, JAPAN COUNTDOWN, and Geino★BANG.


As if I didn’t have enough reason to love Lee Jae jin. I adore that he continues to get more lines the more music FT Island releases.

Back in 2009, he once mentioned that one of his goals is to become FT Island’s lead singer. At the rate that he’s performing + growing as a singer/performer, I think he could very well make that happen for himself. Granted, it helps that his Japanese surpasses the level of Hongki‘s, hence the additional lines in their Japanese material, but his gradual superiority as a singer and confidence as a musician is creating a cushion for that blow were it to come true. I would honestly be alright with it.

As for “Stay,” I think it’s one of FT Island’s strongest songs ever, both in Korea and in Japan. There’s just something really effortless about it that I haven’t heard from them in a long time. It’s beautiful.


8 thoughts on “[FULL MV] “Stay” by FT Island

  1. I’ll stay with them forever if they want. Lol. The song and the video are both gorgeous. And I love it when both hongki and jae jin sing together. There voices sound great in one song. I wouldn’t mind if ft island had two lead singers with them switching off depending on the song. Because it would be tragic to get rid if hongki completely with that gorgeous voice. Also what else can he do if he doesn’t sing? Lol. I really do love the song. I’ll have to go download it now. Thanks for sharing it.

      • I’d support that too. Because hongki is not a terrible actor from what I saw from his Japanese and Korean dramas. If he has a passion for it or for a solo I would support it. And then jae Jin could achieve his goal of being the lead singer. Like u I can see myself being ok with it.

  2. Jaejin is definitely creating his own irreplaceable niche and sound in FT Island. Not just vocally, but along with Jonghun he’s responsible for composing a large chunk of FT Island’s Japanese material (Stay was composed by Jonghun I think) as well as writing the lyrics for many of the songs as well. That’s why I prefer FT Island’s Japanese material over their Korean at times, because you get an idea of the boy’s musicality more even if it’s not as polished as their korean material. In terms of Jaejin taking Hongki’s place is he leaves, I honestly hope that it never comes to that simply because I love all FT Island together. I would hate to think of any member leaving, whoever that may be (makes me grateful I didn’t know FTI at the time Wonbin left). But I think Jaejin should def get more opportunities to showcase his beautiful voice alongside Hongki in their main material, and as lead singer of their sub unit of FT Triple. I really hope FT Triple makes a comeback soooon!

  3. It takes a real Jonghun to assess Jaejin’s voice, he recognizes how Jaejin’s voice flows so softly, it just omits the sweetness of any lyrics, that’s why Jonghun had probably wrote the lyrics to fit Jaejin. Hongki’s voice is very strong, loud and affirmative, so that’s why you hear him singing the most important parts, the “Don’t say goodbye” part and others. It’s like Jonghun let them all showcase their abilities in this song, you hear Minhwan’s drums, very supportive, Jaejin’s vocals, soft and dreamy, Hongki giving his all to deliver such strong message, Seunghyun and Jaejin’s harmonising is one of a kind, they both have calm and low pitched voiced but Jaejin’s still higher than Seunghyun, so Seunghyun in his own way supports Jaejin, and at last, leader couldn’t help but compose such a soft melody with the guitar, it isn’t overwhelming rock song like the most of his japanese composed songs (Boom Boom Boom, and Music Life are both lively and very Rock-ish) but it’s more like his Korean composed songs (I confess, and Be my Girl). It just flows, that’s the word for it, it flows, it’s convincing, it doesn’t need a second thought, you won’t doubt yourself believing in this song, it sounds warm, too good to lie to you, it’s just…….. amazing.

  4. Hi McRoth! I have been a silent reader most of the time, but i have to tell you this…It tickles me everytime when i read your adoration for Lee Jae Jin. My preference for vocalist has always been a powerhouse which mean to say Hongki is my bias in FTI… until…. recently i saw their 2011 Winter’s Night Concert DVD!! My first reaction was “my oh my! Jaejin! Where have you been? How could i have overlooked on this boy’s talent? Ahh…. So…. this is what MacRoth adoration for Jae Jin all about. LoL”
    See.. MacRoth! You are partly responsible in making me look on different qualities of a singer (nothing bad about it thou LoL). Btw, if you have the time, could you do review for their 2011 Winter’s Night Concert DVD?

    Back to their song stay – I simply LOVE IT the minute i heard the song for the first time. The song is simple and yet ‘hook’ is strong. Even the video is simple which i really like it – It doesn’t need to be drama-mama like Severely. i can’t wait to hear the rest of their album.

    • Thanks for the love, and I’m glad to have opened you to Jae Jin as a singer. I’ll try to review it, but it’ll be hard since it’s a DVD :x

      If you want to find more Jae Jin brilliance, you should check out FT Island’s sub-unit, FT Triple (basically FTI without Hongki, lol):

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