[Review][Single] BEAST’s Dongwoon – “In The Cloud”

written by: McRoth

This week, K-pop producer Shinsadong Tiger released his collaborative single “In The Cloud” featuring BEAST‘s Dongwoon on vocals. The song is part of S. Tiger’s project album, “Supermarket – Another Half“, and will be accompanied by several other songs by Cube Entertainment artists 4minute and G.NA.

As “In The Cloud” essentially serves as the appetizer to what I’m looking at as a musical collective (because albums should be experienced as such), I’m curious to hear what S. Tiger could have possibly done with 4minute and G.NA. If Dongwoon was taken out of his boy band comfort zone, who’s to say G.NA wasn’t taken down something a little darker (someone, please make that happen).


“In The Cloud” is a breezy, pop soul tune that comes across like a lite, campy version of a Jason Mraz single. An acoustic guitar riff hovers over glittery electric nuances, while Dongwoon tries his best to deliver his vocal leads. Being one of, if not the weakest singer in BEAST, it’s interesting to hear Dongwoon record a song by himself.

Aesthetically, the packaging of “In The Cloud” is nice. The song itself is a pretty one, and the idea of a raw performance is sort of different for S. Tiger, but in the end, the song struggles to reach its full potential.

Dongwoon, as has been argued several times already, is a poor singer. His voice is like an infant taking its first steps; you hear brief moments of relief as he sings, only to be followed by abrupt missteps and sudden fluctuations in flow.

The melodies in this song aren’t particularly difficult to sing, and in turn are simple and nice to listen to, but Dongwoon’s singing doesn’t quite bring out their full spectrum of color like it could have. The thing is, Dongwoon doesn’t necessarily fail the song as much as he fails himself as a singer.

Being aware of ones capacities is the first step to growth. If Dongwoon were aware of the limitations of his voice, his range, and his strength, he’d be in fuller control of it and be able to work with what he has (like many singers in the pop music industry do today). Instead, he pushes his weaknesses to the forefront through excessive showmanship. His conviction as a performer is admirable, but there is a lack of polish and refinement in his finished presentation.

If anything, I applaud Dongwoon for making an effort to improve as a singer, which is the silver lining of this song. He’s sounding better with every song, and that much is true. Unfortunately, “In The Cloud” just doesn’t glow or float off the ground like S. Tiger probably intended it to, and yeah, Dongwoon’s mostly to blame.



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