Month In KPOP – April

Welcome to another “Month In Kpop“!

Below you will find a full list of reviews that we (the McR Squad) wrote in the month of April* including a spotlight section of our five stared reviews.

This month’s list is epic. We hustled big time this round, and I’m extremely proud of all the music we managed to cover. As always, if you missed a review or you are in the middle of catching up, this post will make your navigation process a little easier, and hopefully introduce you to music that you might have missed along the way.

Additionally, if there were any releases that we did not get to, make sure to share all your suggestions via the “suggest a review” link under contact. And remember to follow me on twitter @rothsresidence and like McRoth’s Residence on Facebook for continuous blog updates.

Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

*it’s worth noting that not all the songs and albums that we reviewed were necessarily released in the month of April. The dates listed are the dates of publishing.


[Album] Nell – “Slip Away”

As a record, “Slip Away” is a feat of Nell’s creation. They’ve paired down the songs to essential elements, keeping just enough complexity to make the tracks interesting but not overdone. The turn for the worse song “Losing Control” and the comes-full-circle album-ender title track use simplicity in beautifully anguishing ways. Not only that, but “Slip Away” refines and expands the notion of Korean indie, including orchestral arrangements [“The Day Before”], as well as loud marching band sounds [“Cliff Parade”] and echo-like vocal chants [“Standing in the Rain”]. It’s no wonder “Slip Away” swept the digital charts this week. Nell has set up the public to expect good to great stuff and the band consistently delivers on that promise.” (April 14)

[Album] Seo In Guk – “Perfect Fit”

If you’re a fan of Daniel Marriweather and Usher, Seo In Guk serves up a delightful album that echoes the heart of their music. “Perfect Fit” is not nearly as intense as either artist’s music, but it is equally enjoyable. There’s a freshness about the way these songs are presented that brightens up the listening experience when compared to the normal K-pop formats.

“Perfect Fit” is cohesive, sensible, and wonderfully executed. It’s one of the year’s best mini-albums, and the closest one to Western-style music, but without even knowing it.” (April 25)


Reviews In The Month of April
(April 02)(2/5 Stars)[Album] Shinhwa – “The Return”
(April 03)(3/5 Stars)[Album] CN Blue – “Ear Fun”
(April 06)(2/5 Stars)[Single] M.I.B. – “Celebrate”
(April 08)(3/5 Stars)[Album] Monni – “From a Boy to a Man”
(April 09)(4/5 Stars)[Album] Acoustic Collabo – “Love Letter”
(April 09)(2/5 Stars)[Album] BTOB – “Born TO Beat”
(April 10)(3/5 Stars)[Album] 5tion – “Rebirth”
(April 10)(4/5 Stars)[Album] Urban Zakapa – “Beautiful Day”
(April 10)(4/5 Stars)[Single] SPICA – “Painkiller”
(April 11)(2/5 Stars)[Album] 4minute – “Volume Up”
(April 12)(3/5 Stars)[Single] Heenain – “I’m OK”
(April 15)(3/5 Stars)[Album] EXO – “MAMA”
(April 16)(4/5 Stars)[Album] Busker Busker – “1st”
(April 17)(4/5 Stars)[Album] Standing Egg – “Like”
(April 22)(2/5 Stars)[Single] Sunny Hill – “Princess and Prince Charming (Is the White Horse Coming?)”
(April 23)(4/5 Stars)[Album] Supernova – “Stupid Love”
(April 23)(4/5 Stars)[Single] J.Y Park Feat. Brown Eyed Girls’s Ga-In – “Someone Else”
(April 24)(4/5 Stars)[Album] Baechigi – “Two Mari”
(April 24)(2/5 Stars)[Album] EVO – “My Way”
(April 25)(3/5 Stars)[Album] SISTAR – “Alone”
(April 26)(2/5 Stars)[Album] Dynamic Duo – “Digilog 1 & 2″
(April 27)(2/5 Stars)[Single] BEAST’s Dongwoon – “In The Cloud”
(April 30)(3/5 Stars)[Album] J.Y. Park – “Spring: 5 Songs for a New Love”


2 thoughts on “Month In KPOP – April

  1. Nell’s album is fantastic. And I’m getting into Seoul In Yuk after you guys reviewed it. Thanks for the intro

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