[Review] [Single] Block B – “Close My Eyes”

written by: drowningn00b

Oh, the repackaged album. The purpose is two-fold: continued attention in the schizophrenic world of k-pop and setting a new phase in concept strategy. After “Bonamana”, Super Junior turned into aegyo heartthrobs, and Big Bang’s Taeyang went from pathetic lonely boy in “I Need A Girl” to sweaty, stalker zombie in “I’ll Be There”. Block B’s change from party boys?

Logically, lover boys for their latest single, “Close My Eyes”.

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This song surprised me. In “Welcome to the Block”, it became clear what Block B were about: hard-hitting party boys with the penchant to charm. Now, they’re going back to the romantic, a place with a couple of winners (“100% In Sync” and “Is It Just Me?”) and duds (“U Hoo Hoo” and “Papapapa”). For this new single, Block B resurrect a song written before their debut, polish it up and put in tape. The guys continue their upward trend of cohesiveness in “Close My Eyes”, adding solid harmonies and impressive singing. Specifically, P.O., B-Bomb and Jae-Hyo are getting better with surprising aplomb. Though a small concession, I wished Tae-il had a bigger presence here. Regardless, this song is proof that Block B is getting comfortable in the romantic arena (Dalmatian, better step your game up).

Block B is showing a soft side on “Close My Eyes”, shedding their discomfort from “U Hoo Hoo”. It’s calmer, sweeter, and it fits Block B. With the lower ranking members getting better at singing, they are now becoming integral parts of the group, not just taking up stage space. “Close My Eyes” gives Block B another dimension of sound to its repertoire, and it’s good to see the guys sharpen their skills on the mid-tempo love template.

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3 thoughts on “[Review] [Single] Block B – “Close My Eyes”

  1. These guys deserve more recognition. I’m not sure if they will receive with the image they have now, but they really are great.

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