[Review] [Single] Prepix – “What I See”

written by: drowningn00b

Dance troupe Prepix made their debut in March with the Rado-composed single “Look To Listen”, with the his and hers singles “Then I Saw You” with Jay Park and “Another Day” with G.NA and Dok2, respectively. “Look To Listen” was an R&B effort, with electronic and band elements, with G.NA going the Beyonce-channeling-the-Jackson-5 route from “Love On Top”. To change things up, Prepix’s second single is the drum and bass dance track, “What I See”.

Before I continue, Prepix is a group of dancers. They are not singers, rappers, producers, or musical artists in any sense. Their leader, Haw, is the lead choreographer and producer for their MVs, but k-pop artists, they are not. They outsource the music aspect of Prepix to producers and known k-pop entities, with hip-hop artist Beenzino, singer Esna and B2ST member Jun Hyeong participating on this electrue-composed track. As a vocalist, Esna was a good choice, with a solid voice that doesn’t fall to the wayside. Jun Hyeong was alright, but Beenzino did the song one better. Beenzino played with the rhythm of his delivery, while the B2ST kid stayed the same throughout. Jun Hyeong could’ve done more with his bit, while Esna could’ve used more lines.

On the production side of things, “What I See” is fun, though the segments feel repetitive. “What I See” has four distinct segments, and apart from a couple of glitches to separate, for instance, the first chorus from the last one, the differences between them aren’t enough. It isn’t a progressive-style dance song, but it rises and falls to same highs and lows for all 3 minutes and thirty seconds. It’s the nature of drum and bass, but “What I See” lacks that extra push to take it to amazing.

I love the happenstance of the review process. When Prepix came out, I looked past them, thinking nothing about another rookie group with big name guest stars. It was the mention by a fellow reviewer that he might review “Look To Listen” that made me look at Prepix, and I was smitten. All of Prepix’s MVs have a sense of humor that’s cartoonish, like watching a Hanna and Barbara cartoon. The music, for good and bad, are soundtracks to those stories, and “What I See” is no different. The dance production fits the frantic nature of the break dancing in the MV, with Jun Hyeong, Beenzino and Esna vocalizing the dancing more than making a story of any kind. Still, I like “What I See”. The stuttering vocal is a nice contrast to the bass, and Esna’s bridge goes well with the calmer moments of “What I See”. Even though the segments are on repeat, electrue did Prepix right in moving them into dance music on this song.

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