[Review] [Single] BTOB – “Father”

written by: McRoth

Cube Entertainment‘s new boy band BTOB didn’t exactly have the strongest debut this year, and quite honestly, it has been one of my least favorite so far. But for all the condescending commentary, it only means so much given the fact that they’re a mere rookie group who, at the very least, deserve the room to grow. Being the kind man I am, I am going to give them that.

Recently, BTOB released “Father“, a digital single dedicated to their dads for Parents Day. For a song that is meant to be an emotive tribute of sorts, I find it slightly troubling to criticize. It’s kind of like judging a kid’s sloppy arts project for Mom and Dad; the point isn’t to look at the execution so much as it is to embrace its meaning unconditionally. That was kind of my mindset the first couple of times that I listened to this song.

From a sappy point of view, the ballad did its job. “Father” is a very bare song (simple instrumental, clean vocal processing). It’s not exactly showy or over the time, but somehow BTOB’s heart is all over it. I think that when an artist, pop or otherwise, implements a sense of real emotion (in minor dosages or major ones) into a song, the outcome then feels real. “Father”, regardless of how average of a ballad I think it is, feels real to me.

I think it was a smart move of Cube to challenge BTOB by recording a song with such a strong focal point, i.e. their fathers. On top of that, the song isn’t just about their fathers, but about BTOB’s cathartic response to seeing their fathers grow with age:

I haven’t done anything for you, I haven’t given anything to you, but these are the words I wanted to say so much – I love you forever, my father,” (lyric translation, popgasa.com)

BTOB are young and extremely green as a pop group, but even the youngest artists can relate a heartfelt message such as this one. And when the emotions are there, everything else sort of falls into place.

BTOB sound really good here. The song itself is average and forgettable, but for what it is, it was done well. Above all, not once did I think of BEAST.

Are we finally finding ourselves, boys?

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