[Review] [Single] Infinite – “Only Tears”

written by: McRoth

Let’s take a moment to ourselves, shall we, as we thank the powers that be for an Infinite comeback this month.

As one of today’s most musically unique boy bands in Kpop, Infinite’s presence in the Korean music scene is kind of a breath of fresh air. Their style is all their own and they’ve managed to take that style and expand on it through their recent endeavors in the music industry. They’re one of my favorite boy bands for this very reason, as well as for the fact that I’ve been following them since their conception (like a good hipster would be).

This week, they released “Only Tears“, a ballad, ahead of their May 15 comeback. Not surprisingly, it sounds like a good ol’ Infinite song. “Only Tears” was originally a solo song performed by Sunggyu for the group’s recent concert in April, but it has been specially laced with all of the members’ voices in this release.

Aside from the fact that Infinite makes unique pop music, they also possess rather unique individual singers. They have a certain tone to them that as a group meshes incredibly well, and I tip my hat to the person who brought them together as a vocal unit, because they’re amazing when they sing as one.

While there’s no actual harmonizing in this song, there’s still a pool of Infinite voices to listen to. “Only Tears” is extremely calm with a cold, melancholy air to it that is eerily juxtaposed with the group’s light and shaky singing. It’s a very interesting mixture of moods and colors, but a mixture that captures both the innocence and wistfulness really well. The simple piano and guitar instrumental never once overwhelm the song, so Infinite are all the more open to expressing the full musicality that the song asks for.

It’s a very cold way of prefacing their comeback album, and in a way it makes it that much more worth it when it arrives next week. I’m looking forward to what they’ll be leading “INFINITIZE” with, because if history has proven anything, the more tame the pre-comeback single is, the more explosive the title track is likely to be.

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3 thoughts on “[Review] [Single] Infinite – “Only Tears”

  1. Because they come from Woollim Entertainment, INFINITE will never have bad music. That doesn’t mean, however, that the group can afford to keep making music of the same caliber as their previous albums. I enjoyed them all, but after having to shot to overwhelming popularity in the past half year alone, I think many are raising the bar pretty high this time around. Especially music critics. Their last album got pretty high ratings with the Korean Music Awards committee, so let’s see if this upcoming mini-album can do the same but better. The group has already talked about wanting to release another Korean album later in the year so I suppose I won’t be terribly disappointed if INFINITIZE isn’t mindblowingly amazing, after all they haven’t had a break in a long time and it would be understandable. We can only wait and see.

    I rather enjoyed “Only Tears” by the way. Their vocals have improved immensely, I can’t wait to see what they do with those improvements in the album.

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