[Review] [Album] Infinite – “INFINITIZE”

written by: McRoth

One of the nice things about Infinite‘s music is that it has manifested into its own entity. It has become a recognizable style to the ear of most K-pop listeners and it made Infinite untouchable solely on the fact that it’s a style that belongs to them and them only.

They are those guys who sound like an ’80s synth-pop boy band, the group with all the pretty, atmospheric songs. They’ve attained this core component of the bigger picture in less time than it has taken others to do the same, and that much is impressive.


For all of their consistencies and musical uniqueness, though, I’ve also voiced my concern of Infinite sticking too close to this formula for the sake of not losing its magic:

Infinite keeps sticking to their guns, and for that, they deserve some respect. They know how they want to sound and have learned how to deliver that sound effectively. Infinite are aware of their comfort zone and have stepped slightly out of it in [Over The Top]. But now it’s time for them to experiment a little, and add a little more variety to their flavor of music.

This week, they released their third mini-album, “INFINITIZE“, where they attempt to introduce different point of views into their music in new and interesting ways (the key word here being attempt).

The album rings true as an Infinite collection, but what’s worth noting is that a lot of is is actually taking details from previous work and reintroducing those same details in different forms.


The lead single, “The Chaser“, follows along the same resonant path as last year’s “Paradise“, but amps up the pace and the 80s percussion elements so that they flow a lot smoother than before. It’s a really big song, with a heavy bassline and strong rock moments, and it took me a good three or so listens to come to grips with how weighty it is.

The following song, “Feel So Bad“, is also big, but not for the same reasons. In fact, it’s a busy song more than it is big. It has a lot of sweeping strings that trade in and out from legato to quick pizzicato sections, and an almost anime-esque electric guitar lead and piano instrumental. The whole thing makes me feel like I’m spinning with my eyes closed in the streets of the city. On top of that, it’s a sad song masked in an uplifting arrangement, which makes “Feel So Bad” even more chaotic than it already is in my mind.

But as complex as they’ve made some of these songs, most of the album flew right over my head.

Rather than feeling like I was welcoming a new movement of music, I felt like I was being handed things that I’ve already heard before, kind of like being presented with a re-gifted present (that has probably been re-gifted a few times already). “니가좋다” and “With“, while both decent songs, didn’t stand out in the least bit. They felt redundant, not because they sound like stuff that’s out today, but because they sound like songs that Infinite has tackled already. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because an artist’s music will oftentimes sound like their old shit anyway. The point though, is that they’re not showing big advancements in any particular direction, making them feel kind of stuck in this pool of tired melodies, phrases, and arrangements.

The good thing is that Infinite sounds great on this album, and their style is intact and blooming. Their vocals have never been an issue and I think I can listen to them all day, but what has let them down here is the songs. They’re not as intriguing as their songs of albums past, nor do they possess the strong commercial hooks that would make them stick like some of their bigger, better hits.

Obviously, I don’t want Infinite to trap themselves in the same ol’ cycle, but rather learn to evolve and grow themselves carefully and creatively. I don’t think that’s the problem here as much as I feel like the material on this album isn’t exactly memorable. These songs aren’t special, but they should be.

Yes, “INFINITIZE” is really pretty, but I hear a lot of great details that I feel weren’t explored to their full potential. I just wish they had come back with a full album so that Infinite could disperse all of these big elements properly.


11 thoughts on “[Review] [Album] Infinite – “INFINITIZE”

  1. i thought it was boring, the title track was the only good song in the mini and that’s rare when the title track is better than the other songs.

  2. I completely agree. I was waiting for them to try something new, but I was really disappointed. I mean, it’s great that they have their own sound, and I can recognize their songs from a mile away, but I just wanted them to change it up a bit. Like, include a song with heavy guitar or something that would still kind of fit in with their style but be something new. Or try some R&B, and not the watered-down kind. They’re playing it way too safe…

  3. I liked the direction The Chaser was heading, but as you said it sounds too busy. And the rest of the album was too same-y. I think they sould find another composer. Sweetune has done them well but another composer will give them the fresh sound they need.

    • I have to add though that I love The Chaser. Its in the same territory as their previous title tracks but it has to be the best of the bunch. I would rank them as follow: The Chaser, Paradise, Be Mine, Can U Smile, Come Back Again, Nothings Over, BTD, and She’s Back.

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  5. I agree that some of the songs were quite busy, familiar and not ‘addicting’ type memorable. But it still sounds good and impressive to me. I have to say that the album is growing in a sense that it is exploring more vocals ( like more L and different harmony types in the choruses). Although It would like something new from them, I actually don’t know what kind of ‘new’ I want because I am just so comfortable, too happy and really in love with this current style. (slight slight exaggeration here maybe..)

  6. No, I agree. This album isn’t particularly bad (at all), and they sound fantastic and all that good stuff. But there wasn’t anything exactly special about any of it either. The Chaser is a great song – I love that it sounds like an anime intro track – but the rest of the album doesn’t match the same level of awesome. It all feels very filler, and honestly, I still can’t hum a single song back to you, and I listened to this album several times.

    The single is gold
    The album as a whole is alright.

  7. Why don’t you review 그 해 여름 and 눈물만? I think those two songs are the wild card and the most different and beautiful songs in the album.

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