[Review] [Single] Sunny Days – “Take Away”

written by: McRoth

I don’t have much information on Sunny Days for the simple reason that they haven’t exactly been promoted. At all, actually. What I can share, though, by just listening to their debut single is that they’re the next girl group to debut this year that want to let you know that they can sing their bloody hearts out, a la SPICA (who’s the clear front runner in the vocally gifted department in 2012).

Sunny Days is entering into Kpop with their first digital single, “Take Away“. The good thing about this song is that it showcases Sunny Days’ vocal range really well. Each member does their thing and sounds good doing it. As a unit, they are definitely strong singers and have taken well to the mellow, jazzy vibes of “Take Away”.

The bad thing is that the song is excruciatingly boring. I hate using the word “boring” to describe music, especially in reviews, but this song is so dull, that even with Sunny Days’ pipes keeping me semi-interested, I couldn’t really keep myself from wanting to turn it off. The song isn’t bad, but it certainly isn’t memorable, especially as a debut song. Unless these girls want to be brushed underneath the rug, they won’t be remembered very well with this one.

I like Sunny Days’ voices and I’m appreciative of the fact that they are talented and a strong vocal group, there aren’t enough of those in Kpop, but this song is really nothing new or attention grabbing enough to put them on the map.



2 thoughts on “[Review] [Single] Sunny Days – “Take Away”

  1. I really like their song too! Randomly found them on a website and downloaded their single.. it’s really nice to hear their voice :D

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