[Review] [Single] B.A.P – “Power”

written by: NaRae

The boys of B.A.P have found their niche in the music scene. So far, with their title tracks “Warrior” and “Power,” they’ve managed to find their own distinctive style. For rookies, they can carry their songs exceptionally well, which makes their performances all the more enjoyable. Because no matter how great the song is, if you can’t make it your own, then it’s somewhat of a flop…

I had listened to the track before I watched the MV, and admittedly, I didn’t quite like it because it felt like it lacked the “umph” factor.  But then that bomb of a MV happened…

The MV Definitely conveys the “power” of the song — aggressive and strong. It’s amazing. Nothing much to complain about except for the water-splashing scenes…they feel rather extra, as they don’t connect with the rest of the MV. I believe they were added for the sake of “fangirls love seeing me wet.” I admit that water plus hot men is super sexy, but those scenes didn’t deliver; I did not have an urge to jump on them. Maybe the scenes are too short for me to truly appreciate their oozing sexiness

Now to the spray cans – why are they dancing with them? For all I know, they weren’t shooting an AXE commercial… Can someone please answer this mind boggling question?!


Growling has become B.A.P’s forte. Sexy growling at its best! The track becomes very addictive after playing it a few times. You can’t help but to repeat the song on your iPod or even in your head.  I am not happy with Zelo’s rap section, considering that it’s the reincarnation of the one in “Warrior.” Boy can rap, so why you no give me an actual new rap???!!!!

Honestly if you look at the overall structure of the song, it is a carbon copy of Warrior. Intro, verse, bridge, chorus are very similar. So Power is a ripoff an offspring of Warrior. I am trying hard not to complain because it is a great song. But if B.A.P continues to release similar title songs in the future, that could pose a problem.


Again, sticking to the fierce image. With Warrior, you have stomping, now with Power, you have kicks. The dance steps aren’t the most difficult ones we’ve seen in the kpop scene. Some of them look like stretches that I do when I hit the gym. The kicks can be exhausting to perform, but otherwise the footwork is very straightforward. There’s nothing complex about each step. However when put together, the choreo blew my mind.  So clean and precise.


Charismatic live performances (DaeHyun can finally manage to hit those notes), kickass choreography and addictive chorus. What more can I ask for except for the new rap for Zelo?


6 thoughts on “[Review] [Single] B.A.P – “Power”

  1. The mv is good (cuz they obviously spent A LOT of money on it) but otherwise the song itself is awful. Not only is it a rehash of warrior, the different verses were not cohesive at all; from the chorus to the rap lines to the chanting bits (‘follow me’ parts). Some of the parts are completely out-of-place and seem to be lazily shoved into the song for the sake of sticking to their formula: BYG’s throaty raps/grunting+ zelo’s speed raps + vocalists’ ad-libs= BAP title song. Actually most of their fast-tempo songs tend to be rather incohesive due to their (not very successful) attempt at incorporating too many musical elements to sound flashy and ‘unique’, much like sunny hill’s ‘is the white horse coming’. Their niche is their aggressive image, but their composers and producers seriously need to know how to handle the rock/punk elements without going overboard and creating an awful mess:/

  2. I enjoyed the video, but laughed @ the water scenes which were completey unnecessary along w/the spray can action. lol. I like these boys a lot, but subtlety is not their forte, which makes them no different than most of their peers in k pop. lol. The song has grown on me despite my dislike for the chorus and the verse leading up to it. The song is also 60 seconds too long for me.

    I hope B.A.P and their songwriting team learn that sometimes less is more when it comes to music. The boys obviously have a vision and clear ideas about who they are as a group. We’ll see if the music continues to catch up.

  3. I really like the song but still warrior is my fave…haha.. i’m a B.A.P fangirl… but i could agree with “But if B.A.P continues to release similar title songs in the future, that could pose a problem.”

    I hope they would do a mature concept and pull of a “Fiction” like Beast did…

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