[Full MV] “Fool” by Juniel featuring CN Blue’s Yong Hwa

Juniel has released the full MV to “Fool,” featuring CN Blue‘s Yong Hwa. Check it out:

Believe it or not, but I’m not a very big fan of Yong Hwa’s compositions, mainly because they all sound the same to me. I don’t mean they sound the same because they were composed with the same breath as its composer’s work, but because they utilize the same freaking components without very much change. Okay, so I have to clear a few things up about this little section, because I made a very honest mistake in confusing Yong Hwa’s work with that of Kim Do Hoon, who composes CN Blue’s lead singles (whoops). By the sound of his work, Yong Hwa obviously approves of the ish Do Hoon tosses his way, so I’m going to establish that he at least likes what he does as well as is inspired by his work. However, in no way are they the same person, so in that respect I apologize for directing my ill feelings at the wrong person.

That being said, the rest of this section applies just as well as I intended it to, because I do feel that Yong Hwa brought a very CNB element to this song when I don’t necessarily feel he should have.

… I feared that Yong Hwa would make this song more about him than Juniel, and I’ve been proven right. The chords, the style, and the phrasing have all been heard by CN Blue and Yong Hwa has passed down the curse CNB vibes onto Juniel.

I’m not saying that I dislike this song or that CNB’s style is no bueno, because it’s got its charms, but I’m hoping Juniel found ways of delivering music that is true to who she is rather than music that Yong Hwa obviously took control of to reflect his own taste in her own songs, because I want to get to know Juniel for Juniel through and through. Then I would be okay with these collaborative tracks.

On another note, the MV is really pretty. Juniel also has a really nice voice, so I’ll be looking forward to her mini, My First June, which should be dropping any minute now.


26 thoughts on “[Full MV] “Fool” by Juniel featuring CN Blue’s Yong Hwa

  1. i really don’t find Yonghwa’s self composed songs the same, Tattoo, Y why, Still in Love, In My Head and many other have the same sound to you? :S well, i guess it’s your opinion…..as for this song, i’m really loving it, very summer type of song, it’s making me miss summer time, in my country it’s already winter, i would have loved to listen this song while going to the beach or something like that.

    • Okay, totally edited the commentary section to make actual sense and not sound all stupid and contradictory. I hope it clears things up and lessens the negative connotation that I implied the first time around.

      • Wow, I really don’t know what to say… thinking those songs were Yonghwa’s self composed songs and judge him because of that wasn’t a small mistake….that’s something people who comment on akp always do……

        • Considering that the group’s lead singles do technically belong to them as a group, I think that’s what confused me the most. I do appreciate that you shared a link to CNB information, though, because I will admit that I posted this on a whim. Having that information is helpful and should help me clear up any future hiccups.

          I still do stand by my opinion on the song, though.

          btw: admitting one’s mistake is a lot more respectable than trolling nonsensically like what occurs in akp, so the comparison is a bit of a stretch.

          • Well, i consider that knowing those songs are KDH’s it’s pretty basic information if someone plans to do a review on CNBLUE’s music or Yonghwa’s self composed songs, i’ve even read comments regarding this subject in the comment section of your reviews so i’m surprise you didn’t know about that… anyway at least now you know and i’m glad that you edited the article to avoid any future confusion.
            PS. the person who share the link was Checkinout not me.

  2. I can understand if Yong Hwa’s compositions are not to your taste, but I am curious to better understand why you’re saying that Yong Hwa is passing down the ‘CNBLUE curse’ to Juniel in terms of more of the same. Pretty strong words, I must say.

    What has impressed me most about Yong Hwa is how diverse his compositions have been and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching his musical progress as he experiments. Sandri has named a few songs that highlight this diversity, and I’ll add Feeling (soaring piano melody), I Don’t Know Why (synth and falsettos), Mr KIA (Beatle-isque), Don’t Say Goodbye (classic ballad), Love Girl (cute pop), Where You Are (modern rock)… the list goes on… (check out http://www.cnbluetheband.com/self-comp for the full list of self-compositions)

    It is precisely this adventurous and fearless spirit to try new sounds with his songs that keeps him on my list of young musical talents to watch.

    • The basic point I made is that Yong Hwa composition or no Yong Hwa composition, this song still rings as a CN Blue rehash featuring Juniel moreso than the other way around, how I feel it should be.

      I used the word curse because all CN Blue singles have begun to sound the same, and I feel like it’s a disservice to box Juniel in within the same limited scope of that commercial sound when she hasn’t quite found her voice for herself in Korea yet. It just feels a little too CNB for me, but I may be mistaken.

      I love some of the songs you’ve mentioned, and I agree that there is diversity within Yong Hwa’s work. I probably shouldn’t have worded my commentary so strongly in that respect. But at the same time, that uniqueness in his work never really shines through in CNB’s singles and I don’t want a rookie to have to feel the “curse” of the tired, remade CNB tunes as a segue from Japan to Korea for her, because I want to get to know Juniel on her terms, not someone else’s.

      Does that makes sense? No disrespect intended, I can assure you of that.

  3. i really dont understand why u used the word ‘curse’ ? and u are definitely not using it in a good way too.

    you wrote :
    ”Believe it or not, but I’m not a very big fan of Yong Hwa’s compositions, mainly because they all sound the same to me. I don’t mean they sound the same because they were composed with the same breath as its composer’s work, but because they utilize the same freaking components without very much change.”

    but then in the end u wrote :
    ”(note: I do like Yong Hwa’s work. He’s talented, obviously. I just prefer my Yong Hwa music in moderation.)”

    seems like you are twisting your words..

    • lol I can definitely see how I contradict myself, and I’m going to go back in and edit that section because I was slightly confused on a few points. I’m admitting my poor judgement!

      However, I would like to point out that this song, regardless if Yong Hwa composed it, has too strong of a CNB vibe to it that I feel it could have done without.

      I feel like I’m not listening to enough Juniel.

  4. It’s pretty much Yonghwa ft. Juniel rather than the other way round. For a debut song, I was hoping Juniel would you know, actually get to sing. Her voice is sweet, and I would’ve loved the song if she had sung more. I mean, it IS meant to be HER song after all. Other than that, I liked the song.

    • This is not her debut song, it’s a pre-release track…her debut song it’s probably named “My First June” (name of her Mini Album)…as for her not singing most of the song, it’s a duet…that’s how it works…that being said, i find that Yonghwa gave her time to shine and even tried to not overshadow her, at least it was obvious to me.

  5. “I do feel that Yong Hwa brought a very CNB element to this song…” Me, too. Juniel’s songs (that have been released in Japan) have totally different style with “Fool”. Her songs are composed elegantly.
    “Fool” is good, easy listening, and catchy, but it couldn’t portray Juniel’s unique color well.

  6. i get the point now. It’s not juniel debut song. N i think fnc did a great job to promote her. Cause if fnc just release her song without this ‘stupid’ song that ft with yonghwa. It will be not many people that are gonna put their interest in juniel. Not becos she’s not talented. But because not many people really know her name for now.

  7. Fact 1. This song is a pre-release for Juniel’s debut album in Korea, not her title track.

    Fact 2. “Fool” is written by Jung Yong Hwa of CNBLUE to publicize her in the Kpop industry.

    Fact 3. Juniel is a singer-songwriter who has released songs composed by her, with her distinct style, in Japan.

    Considering the above three facts, It makes much more sense and is actually better for Juniel’s artistic career that this song more closely reflects Yonghwa’s style and not hers. (By the way, I disagree with you that it’s similar to Kim Do Hoon’s works–KDH’s only compositions are CNBLUE’s title tracks, and this song seems to be more in line with YH’s acoustic love ballads such as Love Light and For First-Time Lovers)

    Let’s suppose Yonghwa composed a song that closely resembles Juniel’s style of music, mimicking what she would typically write. Aside from being uncreative and downright offensive, imagine what would happen when Juniel introduces her own? it may overlap with what they showcased through “Fool”.

    How would listeners react to that? It’s been well publicized that Yonghwa composed this track. Since most people don’t know about Juniel’s music before her Korean debut, they might think of her as appropriating the same style that Yonghwa had written for her. What would that do to her career as an independent singer-songwriter?

    I think Juniel’s fans really should rather feel safe by the fact that this leans more toward Yonghwa’s style and not hers. Because for her to make a mark on Kpop history on her own right, this should not sound similar to her own, original style at all.

    I think they can instead think of this as an opportunity for her to showcase her adaptability to different styles of music. Juniel will have both the title track AND “Fool” to display her musical abilities in diverse ways.

    That’s not the most important point though. Not only does it display her versatiility, this song is very good at highlighting her natural talent as a vocalist to a non-fan like me. Her sweet voice is pleasant to listen, both by herself as well as when she harmonizes with Yonghwa. Many singers can sing well by themselves, but collaborating with another vocalist is a totally different challenge. She’s already cleared it with this pre-release, and got me interested in what else she has in the debut mini. This is a tremendous privilege not accessible to a lot of newbies in the Kpop scene.

    Another upside of having Yonghwa as the sunbae to help with her publicity is due to her target audience. Though “Fool” has the signature style of Yonghwa, it’s not something entirely irrelevant or too far from her style like punk rock. It’s still safely within the acoustic folk genre that she makes on her own, which appeals mostly to the similar type of female audience in Korea. When most girl bands try to grab guys’ attention by competing who reveals more skin, she’s showcasing a variety of her musical talent to the exact type of audience she needs.

    I understand the basis of her fans’ frustrations, since they’d prefer to see her by herself first. But since she will get a chance to promote her own title track to do that, and because of the current practices of the Kpop industry, e.g., releasing pre-releases before debut singles, I think this is overall a fairly well-coordinated strategy on FNC’s part. She definitely has caught the ears of those she needs, and she’ll soon return to that captive audience with more in store.

    • @heich Yours is the most thoughtful, eloquent, and brilliant analysis on this topic that I’ve seen yet. You have successfully dissected the marketing strategy behind Juniel’s pre-released MV. You deserve a round of applause.

    • super big claps for you heich!! ^^

      Talking about this song, as what heich said, as someone who never know about Juniel before I watch this MV, this is a good chance to acknowledge her clear voice. And yes, her clear voice is able to make me become addicted to her voice. And another one, this mv shown where both juniel and yong are handling and playing guitar. People already know yong and his guitar’s talent, but again I make my self as an example, it just another thing to might cause people becomes curious w/ her guitar talent. And after that people will look forward for her solo guitar playing (as I do waiting to see it)

    • Before anything, I just want to let you and all CNB fans know that I had no intention of coming off incredibly brash and “anti” towards YH, because I don’t have anything specifically against the dude. Reducing all criticism down to anti-behavior has become something of a habit by loyal idol fans, especially when anti-behavior does exist and manifests itself often. Not that you were implying that you consider me one (perhaps you do), I just think it’s a fair point to clear up the gray area for readers who have been directed to this particular post under the group-think that I am an anti (I’m feeling the heat in my inbox). I criticize, and as this post has proven, sometimes too daring and unreasonably, but I don’t behave negatively just to be hateful. (CNB fans, are you listening?)

      This also wasn’t meant to be taken as a thorough review of this song, because like i said somewhere up in here, this was basically word-vomit written on a whim the very moment the song was released. These thoughts crossed my mind, I typed, and published. I will say though, if I decide to write about Juniel in the future (probably about her upcoming mini) it will be in the form of a proper McR review.

      THAT BEING SAID – I think we can ping pong back and forth on how we perceive YH’s style and how it was embedded into Juniel’s song, but I do agree with your point about FNC utilizing YH as a publicity tool for Juniel’s career. That much I think was obvious. As a marketing decision, it was the correct one to make, and from that point of view, I think you have effectively convinced me of why this song sounds the way it does.

      Obviously, composition-wise I wasn’t entirely enthralled by this song, that’s still an unchanged opinion, and this has more to do with taste level than anything. I’ve already admitted that I fucked up by confusing YH as the composer of CNB’s singles, so that’ll probably haunt me til the day I die, but I appreciate that you’ve at least addressed your disagreement without reading like a complete, high-brow stan who’s looking down on me for not following CNB’s movements as religiously as you have. The information is basic, but it flew past me until it was clarified. Thanks to all the CNB fans for that much.

  8. agree with heich….above all this song really suit with Juniel voice . For me better to wait and see full track of her mini album before judging. Honestly I watched this video because of Yong Hwa, but then luv her voice and the song as well.


  9. lol .. seems i know your bias cnblue.. Joghyun rite? same with me .. but music is about taste, i always remember Jonghyun ever said “THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GOOD OR NO GOOD SONG, ART CANNOT BE RATED LIKE THAT” .. just listening to the music, and enjoy .. if you don’t like just leave it … ^^ .. i’m juniel fans before her debut in korea, so i know mostly of her song, i think Yonghwa just help her, thanks for Yonghwa (i agree with heich_) .. i’m glad because many people know Juniel now .. happy fans here ..

  10. Burning Bias and proud! Thanks McRoth for giving your opinion in this matter. Now let me address my kind, CNB fans, I didn’t think we need to completely diss the writer here. It is a matter of opinion and taste. We can’t expect McRoth to know as much as we do, or to look at things in same rose-colored eyes that you do.

    I agree in part with McRoth, but I also get where you guys are all coming from. FNC may have chosen that particular marketing strategy, but as with any marketing strategy, it targets a specific audience. So, if McRoth and someone else, (me for example), happen to not really be a fan of the marketing strategy deployed, maybe then we arenot the target audience for the positioning. so no need to move our needle to your column. you are the audience for the strategy, and it worked. and since you are very devoted in the defense of how it all makes sense, the strategy can expand because you are advocates of it. so for that, FNC can still get some points for winning an audience, and yong hwa’s talents didn’t go to waste. and juniel got to touch a market segment she may not have been able to.

    but as for the rest of us unmoved by the strategy, the non-targets, next song please.

    • It may not have moved you but it certainly moved a good 19,000+ (according to YT likes). I’ve seen great responses from K-Indie fans, who found it light-hearted and relaxing and did not just simply reduce it to “a catchy song”. It is very obvious that FNC is hoping to make Juniel as successful as IU but it’s important to realise that IU was not popular before, although her talent in singing had always been recognised, until she released songs like Nagging, and Good Day. There are many great singers who are easily washed away by idols with rhythmic, upbeat and catchy songs, it is sad but very true. I don’t doubt for one second that Juniel would have been the same. This song did for her much more than you give credit for. It was a good, solid single and for commentators to say “I really like her, she’s like IU! I’m a new fan”, it’s a huge compliment for a rookie. Until she makes a name for herself, she should continue bagging compliments like this because it is very helpful. I think it’s also wrong to suggest that fans have flogged here to negatively respond to this review simply because of the person’s dislike of the song, as you can see nobody actually said anything bad about the person’s opposing opinion. Opinions were certainly challenged and contradictions were pointed out as well as clarification of information being made but I don’t see what you argue to be fans expecting others to “look at things in same rose-colored eyes that you do” O_o

      • i’m glad there is discourse. thanks Sara for the thoughtful rebuttal. I see it in your perspective. I guess I was also “brash” to assume that fans were being irrational in their opinions. So, for that, I’m sorry for having misunderstood people’s passionate opinions.

        Back to the song and the artist, although I am still not a fan of this one piece, I agree with you that this did do a lot for her, now that I see it your way. I wish her only the best. And thankful that CNBLUE fans are also banding behind Juniel, as what her FNC Family does. I’ve listened to her other songs and am convinced she has the raw material to make it big. With or without this song. But maybe to Sara’s point, better with. :)

  11. Thank you for for sharing this review. I want to share my opinion because @Heich’s comment somehow applied to my situation. I’m sorry, I’ve never that interested in Juniel before, eventhought I knew some of her Japanese songs, and that is not because of her talents. She is a good singer and talented song composer/writer, but just that her music style in Japan isn’t really my type. Then, i read article about the duet with Yonghwa (i am a fan of his For First-Time Lovers/banmal song, and love light), I became curious on how she will deliver the song. Now, I’m really falling in love with the way she sing “Fool”. I even like her singing part better than Yonghwa. From this song, i can feel something fresh and sweet about her voice that i never realized before. This has changed my previous “judgement” and now I’m looking forward for her debut in Korea and try to listen more on her Japanese songs. With all her talents, surely she still have more to offer to the listeners and also looking forward on how she will deliver/arrange her music style in “K-Pop scene”. All the best for Juniel’s debut!

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