[Teaser] BIG BANG releases GD’s “Monster” MV teaser

So … while I’ve been non existent the past week, I’ve still managed to keep myself somewhat in the know of things, one being Big Bang‘s upcoming release of the special edition of their “Alive” album.

Visually, I’m really digging the concept for “Monster“, especially since it resembles all the shit in Walking Dead (sans the walking dead), and I’m kind of all for that. YG definitely likes bringing back artists with ‘spooky‘ concepts (“I’ll Be There” by Taeyang, “It Hurts” by 2NE1), and this year seems to be no different.

No complaints, though. Check out GD‘s MV teaser below, awkward blonde shroom cut and all!

Here’s TOP‘s teaser:


3 thoughts on “[Teaser] BIG BANG releases GD’s “Monster” MV teaser

  1. I love their teasers. They’re interesting, as is and they actually make sense with what they are trying to convey…*cough* looking at you Shinee. The fact that this is your first post in a while has actually made me value them more. I’ve been reading reviews I skipped haha ^^~

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