[Download] “PeepShow” by Aziatix, Idiotape and Jaurim for Converse ‘3 artists, 1 song’

Remember that collaborative track that Converse had announced earlier this month, featuring Aziatix, Idiotape and Jaurim?

Yyyeah, boi, it’s finally here! And as expected, it’s pretty effing awesome.

“#PeepShow” is a cross-pollination of three distinct music genres, weaving together Aziatix’ signature rap lyrics with Jaurim’s indie vocals and Idiotape’s electronic sound. Recorded in Seoul, Korea, the genre-bending track pushes the dial on youthful expression and brings an edgy new sound to the Asia Pacific market. Fueled by Idiotape’s driving bassline, Jaurim and Aziatix bring a new dimension to the song with their lyrical commentary on youth and pop culture.

you can find full details about the Converse ‘3 artists, 1 song‘ project plus full artist profiles on the company’s official website.

And, of course, the track is absolutely free for download, so snatch that sucker up while it’s hot!


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