[Full MV] “To You” by TEEN TOP

While the song isn’t exactly stunning or amazing, I really like the musical approach TEEN TOP took for this comeback single. The motif of this album is very different from January’s “It’s,” but stylistically the departure wasn’t a dramatic one. The beat is still dance-pop, and very reminiscent of SISTAR‘s “Alone“. Given that both were composed by Brave Brothers, that much doesn’t surprise.

Listen to and watch TEEN TOP’s “To You” music video below, y’all:


If BIG BANG‘s “Blue” and U-KISS‘ “A Shared Dream” had illicit sex, this is what their bastard child would look like. For realsies. Concept-wise, this MV is very much a carbon copy of ish we’ve already seen this year, down to the editing filters and shit. It looks good, but it’s nothing new.

On the up side, the boys look fucking sexy as hell. I love the styling. The hair isn’t an abomination a la “Supa Luv” thankfully, and the choreography is slick and nice to look at. I want to watch this live simply because I know these kids will pull it off beautifully.

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One thought on “[Full MV] “To You” by TEEN TOP

  1. I found the vid clean and crisp. I haven’t seen the U-KISS vid but I do know what you mean about this being nothing new… yet I still appreciate it because it doesn’t annoy me like fuck and holds my attention

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