[Full MV] “One 4 U” by A-JAX

Rookie group A-JAX hasn’t quite made an impression on me, and that’s generally because there’s nothing exactly mind-blowing about their music and their execution. I mean, they’re good-looking and don’t sound bad per se, but who in Kpop doesn’t?


Alright, the song is forgettable. The MV on the other hand was interesting. Tons of white folk. Tons of cobwebs. Tons of bondage. It was like a kinky X-MEN fighting sequence, and I very much enjoyed the battle scenes between A-JAX and whatever da fuck it was they were fighting. It kept me entertained, and visually, very nice to look at.

Other than that though, it did very little to enhance the low appeal of the song.

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One thought on “[Full MV] “One 4 U” by A-JAX

  1. When I saw the teaser, I was hoping the song and the MV will be good, but I’m kind of disappointed, mostly cause of the song. I mean if you wanna make a badass MV, why not make a badass MV that will fit with the song, cause to me goes doesn’t seem to go together and the MV remind my EXO “MAMA” MV a bit .It seems A-JAX will be another boy band that will join the other band who debut this years that not called B.A.P or EXO. Those two put the bar really high for all the one that will follow them.

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