[Full MV] “Like This” by Wonder Girls

What. A. Mess.


Aside from the flashmob idea being two years too late, this whole thing was very poorly shot.

Visually, the Wonder Girls kept losing me in this one. I mean, I get the whole cheap approach they were going for, as if a bunch of amateur videographers shot the whole thing as it was happening, but it just didn’t flow properly. The lighting was vastly different from one second to the next. That alone was annoying to watch.

Then, the girls were standing still here, scattered everywhere there, suddenly together errwhere – it was simply out of sequence too frequently for me to want to keep track of it all. I couldn’t even tell who was singing, since one would be lip syncing for a bit then out of nowhere they were all doing it. It didn’t work.

As for the song, I give it a big, fat thumbs down. It’s essentially a giant loop of a generic urban-pop beat they found in Beyonce’s trash bin. It had its decent moments, but it was heavily outweighed by strange melodies and, as a friend put it, “really, really odd” progressions.


8 thoughts on “[Full MV] “Like This” by Wonder Girls

  1. Why not R.E.A.L. I can stand R.E.A.L (kinds like it, actually.) I agree tenfold on the Beyonce comment. Maybe, Get Me Bodied in some ways?

  2. This song is really really bad. I don’t even know what JYP was thinking when giving the girls that rubbish. And them MV is a total disaster as well. Le sigh. They’re never going to advance anywhere with this type of music gimmick.

  3. Am I the only one who thought this song was catchy as fuck despite the Beyonce-ness of it? I mean sure it had its bad moments and the mv definitely could have been shot better but JYP sure knows how to produce some addictive music.

  4. Hmm, that’s odd, I actually thought this was their best comeback song in a while. The atrocity that is 2 Different Tears never happened. Be My Baby was a disaster. This is very catchy and I’ve been singing it since its release. Meh. I guess different strokes for different folks, but I am obsessed with it!

    • Basically:
      Do I think the song is bad? Yes.
      Do I think it has a catchy hook? Yes.

      I don’t define musical value by catchiness. Catchy music can be amazing; this isn’t.

  5. the chorus on its own wasn’t bad. key word: on its own.

    the verses, unfortunately, look like jyp threw them together in 5 minutes, gave up halfway, and said, “screw it, they’ll only remember the chorus anyway.”

    which is true. see: tell me, nobody.
    …man, does jyp know his customers well or what.

  6. hmmm I’m not sure. upon first hearing I was all “wtf is jyp doing with this crappy song” but now that I’ve seen the video I’m weirdly curious about it… I don’t think it’s exactly an amazing song that kicks ass, but no Wonder Girls song has ever been amazingly kickass to me

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