[Review] [Single] Mighty Mouth feat. Soya – “Bad Boy”

Since Verbal Jint’s “Go Easy” record last year, the woe is me hip-hop record has been a template used in hip-hop over and over (and over, and over) again.

Thankfully, a new trend has weaseled its way in trend, one I deem ‘silly geek‘ hip-hop.

It’s not hip-hop in the traditional sense, but pop music with rapping on top for sheer comedic and laid back effect. Baechigi’s “2 Mary” and Geeks’ “Hangover” are a couple that come to mind, as well as the duet rap album by Huckleberry P and Soda titled “Get Backers.” With summer around the corner, Mighty Mouth returns with the self-deprecating single, “Bad Boy.”

Taking the road well paved, Mighty Mouth’s latest single is a retread of last year’s “Lalala” and other summer pop songs; the point is not mind-probing, but ear-worming. And boy is it irritating at times.

As a point of personal confusion as to why she’s the token singer for Mighty Mouth this round, Soya (who isn’t a fantastic vocalist, nor a great guest star to begin with) falls flat. Her voice boarders on squeaky, taking most, if not all the effect away from the guys and the beat of the song. The synth keeps a good pace, and the trio seems to be enjoying themselves, which is a plus, as it’s a proper key element in summer pop. In addition to that, “Bad Boy” isn’t hard to sing along to, nor challenging in its rap, surprisingly, which really leaves me with just one question:

how many times will Mighty Mouth churn out party jams for the Summer, and ignore the eff out of the rest of the year? There’s an entire calendar to explore, guys; make use of it.


Mighty Mouth’s “Bad Boy” doesn’t go far enough. The song lacks a discernible hook, much like Block B’s “Narina,” or the heavily dubbed “Like A G6” from Far East Movement. The production won’t grab you, either; with the saturation of synth in the k-pop airwaves, you’re bound to find something far more thrilling elsewhere. It’s a shame, too, because Mighty Mouth are capable rappers, but a “passable” pop track like this one simply doesn’t cut it.



2 thoughts on “[Review] [Single] Mighty Mouth feat. Soya – “Bad Boy”

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