[Full MV] “Believe” by U-KISS

Oh, haaaiiiiiiiii there, Soohyun

I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY. There is literally nothing happening in this MV. Yeah, okay, they’re dancing in a tight ass tunnel, but that’s about it. It’s an uneventful music video for a pretty bland song, which is just no fun coming from U-KISS. Come onnnn, guyzzzz.

They should have promoted “Te Amo.” At least that song had some spark to it. Generic club banger, sure, but it’s a helluva lot more interesting than this one.


2 thoughts on “[Full MV] “Believe” by U-KISS

  1. I seriously don’t know where this group is heading towards. The member switches brought the quality of live performances up, but the music is as mediocre as ever and the deadweights (dongho, eli and kiseop) have failed to improve after all these years

  2. UGH. i have a huge, kind of unexplainable soft spot for ukiss. but this is making it hard for me to root for them. i watched a live performance of the song to see if it would grow on me. it did not.

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