[PV] “Virtual Love” by 3Peace☆Lovers

Wait, why da frack are you sharing Japanese info on a Kpop blog? What is this blasphemy?

Well, actually, this video just surfaced on my YouTube and I really had no idea what it was until I found out that one of the members in this group (3Peace☆Lovers) is actually Ha Min Woo of Kpop boy band, ZE:A.

Literal jaw drop –

this is so Japanese. I had to look really effing hard to find MinWoo (he’s the blonde dude), because my mind was blown that a Korean idol would go so hard in a J-pop debut. But the fact that he’s debuting with actual Japanese artists was a really smart idea on his company’s part. This way, his segue will feel less like an Hallyu ambush and more of a smooth integration.

The other members, by the way, are Yoshihide Sasaki (an actor) and Hayato Nikaido, who is a member of another J-pop band.

ZE:A’s 2012 comeback is also currently in the works, and is scheduled for July.


2 thoughts on “[PV] “Virtual Love” by 3Peace☆Lovers

  1. Hide is actually a singer and dancer, as well as musical actor, not just some actor. His pretty face covered his sexy deep voice ^^ and his dance is really cool! GO HIDE!!!

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