[Review] [Album] Ulala Session – “Ulala Sensation”

written by: drowningn00b

Ever needed a pick me up when you’re feeling down, or a downer to wallow in your tears? Or how about a song to put the pep in your step? Are you tired of searching your music player for that song you need to hear right this minute? Well have I got the answer for you!

In a world of tired pop, lifeless boy bands and mediocre OST tracks, winners of “Superstar K” Ulala Session have shaken things up with their split mini album, “Ulala Sensation” Parts 1 & 2. It has all your k-pop needs – from dance, electro-pop, disco, power ballad and drama – wrapped in great singing and wonderful harmonies. Get ready, because the new kings of boy band-pop are here!

Ulala Session, with members Park Seung-Il, Kim Myung-Hoon, Lim Yoon-Taek, and Park Gwang-Sun, are in the business of making great, catchy pop, with an emphasis on having a good time. “Urbanic” makes it clear who you’re dealing with; a quartet with three amazing singers and a hype man who can hold his own. You simply can’t hold back smiling when the lyrics begin; “Beautiful day so far/Getting better as you come here by my side/Here we go again.” And you have your pick of tracks to make you feel right.

Got an itch for the bell bottom pants and the bouffant hair of “Saturday Night Fever”? “Ulala” is the perfect choice. With enough hand clapping to make your hands tingle and the required “and YOU!” expletives for you to point at that nobody across your bedroom, this one is genius.


But wait! Do you like your dance riddled with a more urban flavor? Then fist pump along to the auto-tune of “Dynamite.”

A bass to shake your rump and a stutter to remind you of how awful you treated that kid in middle school, “Dynamite” will you get you ready for that party while you pregame with that spiked cherry Kool-Aid in your solo cup.

(warning: disappointment from the dub-step break and Yoon Mi Rae’s lazy-ass cannot be reimbursed.)


And after all that partying, maybe that girl or guy you were macking with left you for someone else. Or rather, what if you’re dancing the night away, and in walks your freaking ex?

Well, turn down the lights, put the spotlight on ’em and start the water works.

Like a terrible Korean drama, “Nothing Left” is the right song to cry over. “Nothing Left” goes up against the best male vocal groups on the over the top pop-power ballad. With on-point harmonies, a dramatic climax and exaggerated vocal ad-libs, Ulala Session bring you all the feels necessary for your emotional turmoil, whether you want to hug that person’s legs like a three year old brat or regretfully break stuff in your room and wish you hadn’t the following morning.

Best described as ear-gasmic, this one is a personal favorite of yours truly (yes, guys, it’s that good).


This is all fun and games (and corny analogies), but let me get serious for a second. Ulala Session, for all their humor, are a talented group of guys. Humor in Korean pop culture is not new; it’s becoming as necessary as dancing, S-curves, bagel faces (cream cheese, ce vu plait), eight packs and a Kim Hyun Joong nose. And Ulala Session isn’t the first boy band to have it, either. Super Junior tries with terrible drag, and B2ST members do mumu drag. But unlike the majority of the members on both those groups, Ulala Session can sing, and sing incredibly well.

“Urbanic” shows the group’s handle on harmonies, with “Beautiful Night” putting those harmonies to the test with rising tension in the chorus, building to Lim Yoon-Taek’s shout of the hook. And don’t forget that sax (suck on that, 4Minute!)

Ulala Session are true chameleons. Unlike other acts that try, but fail to adapt different styles and concepts, Ulala Session can fit any outfit and make it work. Why? Because the foundation is solid, with fantastic singing and production that takes the best (and worst) of current k-pop trends and gimmicks and makes them work (for the most part).

“Superstar K” is building a pedigree of finding true talent among the masses (sorry, but “True Kpop Star” is anything but), and Ulala Session’s “Ulala Sensation” brings all that talent and humor to the forefront. Whatever your musical needs, let Ulala Session be there for you. If you’re having a flashback party, need a drunken grind song for the wedding, or just have to let him know how happy you are after your break-up with the emotionally scarred, but wonderfully sung, Lee Sora cover, “I’m Happy”, “Ulala Sensation” Parts 1 and 2 have just the songs for you.

So what are you waiting for? Get yours today and start vibing with the sensation.




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