[Review] [Single] She’z – “My Way”

written by: TESTAMENTVM

To be honest, I had my doubts about She’z. Management is half the game in K-pop (probably more), and any production team that doesn’t have the good sense to realize that She’z is a godawful name for a girl group could also very well lack the managerial know-how to do other things. Much to my delight though, I was proven wrong.

This quartet has got it all – the looks, the vocals, and a catchy-ass debut song to boot.

The lead single, “My Way“, produced by GENTLEMAN, is an infectiously uplifting girl-power number that sasses without resorting to pointing guns at your face (ahem, Gang Kiz). With its guitar-led melody and pop-rock feel, “My Way”, in many regards, is the child of the last decade of pop, which isn’t a bad thing at all – think Avril Lavigne circa “Girlfriend” meets Kelly Clarkson (when she’s not singing about breakups).

Overall, part of the appeal of “My Way” lies in its simplicity – it’s a real palette-cleanser, with half of K-pop these days trying to sound either disco/retro (T-ara) or Europop (4minute) – not to mention the headache of having to deal with left-field dubstep breaks – it’s good to hear some nice, clean, and simple pop that can rock in the shower and on the radio.



4 thoughts on “[Review] [Single] She’z – “My Way”

  1. “think Avril Lavigne circa “Girlfriend” meets Kelly Clarkson (when she’s not singing about breakups)”

    or, girl’s day – nothing lasts forever for a more local example.

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