[Teaser] f(x) releases “Electric Shock” medley

“Electric Shock”
“Zig Zag”
“Beautiful Stranger”
“Love Hate”
“Let’s Try”

Online release date: June 10
Offline release date: June 13


Don’t care too much for the concept photographs or the (questionable) fashion involved, because its sole purpose is to draw your attention to this product like a gnat to a bug zapper, which in all actuality is a rather fitting analogy given the name of this album. That’s how this game is played, no surprises there.

It would be of interest to me though, if f(x)’s personalities actually resembled the shit they were wearing and if that shit were a part of who they are as individuals (like Gaga and her oddities, or Snoop Dogg and his bling) because that has more meaning to it than a silly spread dictated by stylists. For a good example of what I’m referring to, see 2NE1.

Either way, it’ll probably have zero to do with anything anyway, so whatevs.

About the music: Like I said earlier, I’m cautiously optimistic about this release. SM Entertainment dived into terrible musical territory for two years straight, to the point that I wanted to quit Kpop altogether, but 2012 has seen a change in its format, a positive one at that. SHINee’s “Sherlock” album was, for the most part, rather good. And I want to like f(x)’s work, because I like f(x) itself, which is probably an unforgiving place to find myself, especially if things fail me once more.

This medley doesn’t sound bad, but what worries me is that it sounds boring more than anything.


What is your opinion?

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