[Download] Jinbo is Back with “Love Game” (BoA’s “Game” Revisted) – Track is flawless

A couple weeks ago, I introduced you to Jinbo after releasing his fabulous revisit to Girls’ Generation‘s “Gee” (listen here) and as it’s been promised, he’ll be releasing a slew of songs leading up to the release of his brand new mixtape, ‘KRNB‘ on August 29, 2012.

Last week, Jinbo continued the singles release with “Love Game,” a revisit to BoA‘s 2010 single, “Game“. It’s glorious.

The fact that “Game” was my favorite release from the Queen two years ago, I’m flipping tables and popping confetti to Jinbo’s remake, because it’s absolutely fabulous and badass and flaw-free.

For the second exclusive from the KRNB mixtape, Jinbo tackles “Game,” by K-Pop’s most recognized pop diva, BoA. Unlike “Damn,” he keeps the tempo drenched with funky sounds of the ‘80s and instead chooses to soften up the edgy kicks and glam synths of the original with something more summer-appropriate. Picture beach volleyballs, rollerblades on the boardwalk, and breakfast with the don of Minneapolis sound, Prince. With Jinbo, the self-proclaimed Superfreak of Korea, paying homage to the exciting tunes of the synthpop and R&B era, anything is possible on this heartfelt record capturing the spark of love.

Loves it. Listen to “Love Game” below and share your thoughts and your feels in the comments section below.

Currently, Jinbo’s music is getting picked by the likes of MTV K2 Dope BoyzCouch Sessions, Yahoo Malaysia and more. Get it, boiiii.

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3 thoughts on “[Download] Jinbo is Back with “Love Game” (BoA’s “Game” Revisted) – Track is flawless

    • I can’t wait to hear what other songs he’s remixed. So far, I’m all over this mixtape. and the fact that it’s free pretty much seals the deal.

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