[Viral Vids] All my faves get soaked at the ‘Olympic Athlete Welcoming Concert’ + Watch it In Full

A slew of K-Pop stars gathered ’round their national flag this week to welcome back their athletes from the London Olympics, because what’s better than coming home to some good ole’ EXO‘s “MAMA” or KARA‘s “Mister“? NOTHING BEATS THAT GODDAMNIT.

You’re in luck too, because I just so happen to have the whole thing tucked right after the jump, so sit back, grab your popcorn, and enjoy the 2012 Olympic Athlete Welcoming Concert!

ps: it was raining like a motha, so expect many, many wet idols slipping and holding onto their wigs for dear life.


“Loving U” by SISTAR

“Volume Up” by 4minute

“Hey You” by CNBlue

“Mister” by KARA

“Be Mine” by INFINITE

“It’s a Beautiful Night” by BEAST

“2Hot” by G.NA

“Sherlock” by SHINee




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