K-Town Recap: Episode 5, “The Rules of Booking”

We left off last in a noraebang in K-Town, where Scarlet was giving Young a lap-dance, because that’s what you do in noraegangs. Jowe, with a camera in hand, recorded the whole thing and uploaded it online, where Young’s fiance So Young saw it and flipped tables via a Facebook comment. Oh dear.

Will things get better or worse from here for Young? Let’s find out.

Episode 5: “The Rules of Booking”

This episode begins in Young‘s incredibly small apartment, where Young is rehearsing (of all things) for a big dance audition that, if he lands, will help him somehow convince his soon to be father-in-law that following his dream as a dancer will reap the rewards rather than having a normal job. Joe and Steve, who are chilling in his living room, drop the bomb that they want Young to help them promote for an event for Belasco. Joe’s argument? It’s an important event, and while he knows Young’s audition is a big deal to him, like, they’re both big deals, so give up what you’re doing and help, bro. Young agrees to come out.

Boring-Cammy shows up for no reason whatsoever other than to help convince Young to show up tonight.

And just like that we’re at Vibe nightclub! All the guys are there, including Cammy and Young, who insists that he’ll only be there for one hour. Only one.

Here, we’re introduced to the art of ‘Booking’, which Steve says was transferred over from Korea. Basically, it’s speed dating, where the waiter drags girls around from table to table and the guys buy the drinks. Or more eloquently put, courtesy of Scarlet, “booking is for guys with no game and for hood-rats, bobby Koran girls, to get free drinks out of it.” Ah, intriguing.

Anyway, Scarlet and Jasmine show up at Vibe (just because) and drink shots while poking fun at other chicks. When their drinks run out, they tap their lanterns for a waiter (wishing it was the button they used to torment their waiter in episode 4), who shows up and drags their asses on a booking. They’re reluctant at first, but the waiter pulls them by their wrists anyway and off they go.

They end up at a table of noobies, who are obviously new to K-Town booking, and pretty much act giddy from the get-go. One of the guys offers to pour some liquor, which fails as the thing is still sealed and shot glasses are still empty. Whoops.

Meanwhile, in the guys’ room, Steve and Jowe are proving how veteran they are at booking, assessing things and being protective of their drinks and shit. Jasmine and Scarlet, who ditch noob No.1 and noob No.2 because they couldn’t bare their geekiness, show up and kick out the girls that were in the room with the guys. Now that the whole gang is here, Jowe announces that this is now a bachelor party for Young.

Young is like whatev’s and goes with it.

Everyone is having a good time. That is, until Jowe (once again) opens his mouth to blurt our who-knows-what about LA and Koreatown to Jasmine, who is born and raised a K-Town girl. It wasn’t positive, clearly, and so they argue zip codes for a good second until Scarlet sees things getting heated and starts going off on Jowe like it’s second nature.

Right here is when the most priceless line in the entire episode spews out of Violet‘s mouth. She says, as her hand flies around in her interview, almost like it wants to do the face-palming for her: “It was all bullshit! Like, they’re creating all this drama for no reason!

Preach, girl! I’ve been saying the exact same thing for five episodes already.

Anyway, Scarlet goes off when Jowe calls her ugly and starts yelling, reaching for drinks and probably contemplating throwing one or two in his face while doing so. The fact that Jowe kept telling her to go to Chinatown didn’t help matters any, as it only caused Scarlet to go even more out of control.

Meanwhile, Young is sitting in the corner, who looks deeply disturbed by the fact that no one is paying attention to him, since it is now his bachelor party and everything:

This so called bachelor party, eeevery single person  ditched me, and I’m sitting by myself in the corner – all by myself – like, what the fuck!


Like “what the fuck” is right, son. Will Young have the energy to give it his all in his audition? By the looks of tonight’s events, and the psychological tole it must have had on him being isolated and shit, I’m not sure he will!

And how will promotions for Belasco pan out? Will everyone pitch in and help Joe out because he’s so busy doing … whatever he’s busy doing? Tune in for the next K-Town recap to find out!

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