K-Town Recap: Episode 6, “The Bachelor Party From Hell”

Episode 6 drops us right back into the heated argument over ugly people and zip codes between Scarlet and Jowe, who’s yelling typical douchebag-y things through the crack of the group’s VIP room while Scarlet is fuming like a ticking time bomb on the inside.

Meanwhile, Young, who has a big audition the next morning, is last seen sitting in the depths of the room’s farthest corner, contemplating life in K-Town.

Let’s see what the hell happens next!

Episode 6: “The Bachelor Party From Hell”

We’re back in Vibe‘s VIP room with the K-Town crew, whom are wedged between a crazed Scarlet and Jowe, who are yell-asking each other who exactly is the ugly one. They answers their own question a few times, as if the question wasn’t obviously rhetorical, and after Scarlet successfully scares off an irritated Jowe, she finds it within herself to chill the hell out. She asks Joe-oppa if she can go pee, which he says is fine, but not before Steve gives her a little speech on how this is Young‘s bachelor party – just look at him, miserable in the corner – and to just think about poor Young for a minute.

Joe rounds up everyone back into the room to make peace of the situation. But of course, shit hits the fan again when Jowe denies calling himself the prince of K-Town, to which Scarlet and Jasmine respond with ooooooh’s and air measurements of his supposed tiny ass penis. Jowe doesn’t take kindly to this, so he looks to Joe to back him up about that one time he showed his penis to Young and repeatedly asks Joe, “no, seriously, what did Young say about my cock? No,no, what did Young say as soon as I showed him my cock? What’s the first f%cking thing he said!?!”

Joe has no comment and disregards Tiny Cock-gate, returning to the matter at hand, which is to make peace between the girls and Jowe. This, of course, doesn’t work.

Jowe starts mocking Scarlet, with what I’m guessing is bootleg Chinese or something, and earns himself a drink to the face, courtesy of an enraged Scarlet, who has a dick now because I swear she’s told Jowe to suck it several dozen times already.

Scarlet pours one last drink on Jowe, tells him to suck it, and bounces.

The next morning, a hungover Jasmine and Scarlet head to Assi Market, where Jasmine says she’s buying the ingredients to her ‘magic potion.’ This special hangover remedy consists of roughly one bottle of Pepto-Bismol, tiger balm, a loaf of bread, ramen, and ajushi juice, which is some small drink made of licorice roots – or according to Scarlet, lick-or-rice roots. Tomato, tomato I guess.

Between scenes, we come to find out that Young may or may not be equally hungover as everyone else and may or may not have overslept. Ruh-roh.

Anyway, the girls meet up with Violet and Boring-Cammy to promote Joe’s Belasco party on Saturday, which they do a very shitty job of, sadly. Scarlet and Violet ambush the nearest car and stick a trillion flyers on its windshield, while Cammy stands there complaining about the heat and gullible ole’ Jasmine spells out K-Town on the sidewalk. After five minutes, they give up and toss all their flyers into the air litter.

They make their way to Yi Ssi Hwa Ro barbeque house, by Cammy’s request, where she says they have special Korean barbeque that Scarlet has never eaten before. It turns out that she was referring to pig intestines and other entrails. Of course, Scarlet is grossed the fuck out because “poo lived in there,” but she suppresses her gag reflexes and rolls with it anyway.

Back at Young’s apartment, we find out that he is indeed late for his dance audition and he scurries off to try to catch it. Poor him.

While the ladies are eating pig guts, Scarlet reveals to Violet that she threw a drink in Jowe’s face last night, which makes Violet laugh. She asks what kind of things he was saying, and Jasmine tells her that Jowe was flaunting his B.A. degree around for no good reason, which ends up not even existing, as Violet tells the girls that Jowe had won her over years ago doing the exact same thing. That he had told her he was at USC for dental school, which was a big fat lie. Yet, Violet admits she still has a soft spot for Jowe, because he’s immature and still a kid or something. Yeah, I dunno.

Later, Joe gathers the gang to continue promoting his Belasco event, but just like earlier, the girls aren’t taking it seriously. Everyone is flicking flyers into bushes and onto cars, all the while Joe is losing it. He harps on Steve for being equally annoying about promoting his event, but after a while of shits and giggles, they get the job done. Or so says Cammy, anyway.

Joe huddles the gang to remind them to be on their best behavior tomorrow; the guys have to bring all the girls out while the girls have to not fuck shit up. When Joe is ready to call it a night, Steve notices Young’s all isolated and depressed again. Joe asks him how his audition went and Young breaks the news that he didn’t bother going since he was too late to make it on time. Then Young proceeds to make everyone feel guilty that they took him out for drinks last night when they had promised him that they would only be out for one hour. He not-so-passively blames the whole reason he missed his audition (and ruined his life) on Scarlet and Jowe for going psychotic at his bachelor party, which didn’t even end up being a bachelor party (THE RAGE).

Young tells them that he’s not trying to blame them (yes, he is), but that this audition was the biggest deal ever and way to fuck it up. Yet it’s not their fault. But it is. But it isn’t.

Joe comes up with the bright idea to have Young perform at Belasco tomorrow night, since it’s going to be a show featuring dancers anyway, and this lightens the mood and puts a smile on Young’s face for the first time since talking about Jowe’s penis.


Next week is Belasco fiasco night! Watching the preview to episode 7, it seems Scarlet’s going to be the center of the drama again, possibly ruining nights and lives while doing so. By the way, whatever happened to So Young, or her Facebook comment? Did Young ever call her about receiving a lap-dance from Scarlet? I can never tell who is peaches and cream in this group. Especially from this episode. What, with Young being totally down in the dumps for missing his audition, which is nobody’s fault but his own?

No, seriously. His self-pity party he invited the group to at the end was excruciating to watch, simply because he had no right making everyone feel guilty, of emotionally baiting them to feel sorry while he tried to be passive about it by repeatedly telling them it wasn’t their fault.

We’ll see if he stumbles on the lines of depression next week and see what new hell breaks loose at Belasco!

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